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Aaron Peters- Tattoo Artist

I've had the pleasure of seeing many works of great art and have experienced real creativity and beauty but it's rare to see all this as well as an abundance of life and passion in a tattoo. I have seen this man's work on the body of family and friends and have always been taken back by the detail in his art. His fantasy pieces become a living, breathing reality and his portraits have brought loved ones back to life and reunited them with those who have missed them terribly. I have also seen his work turn tragedy into triumph with his great cover up work.


This man has a genuine gift and in my opinion, he's one of the best Tattoo artists around. If you are serious about your ink and are in the Midwest area, I strongly suggest you get work done by Aaron Peters at Bugaboo Tattoos. You will have the extreme pleasure of having a unique work of art on your body forever. ~B~

For appt. info email or call Bugaboo Tattoo- 219-940-9128

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