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 Maestro is an independent artist who has been making a name for himself in the Chicago land music scene for his smooth sound and lyrics- mixing Rap and R&B to create a real and energetic  assortment of cruising music, his Caribbean descent is apparent in  showcasing his unique style and voice. Together with Videographers  Jason Kim and Drew Beaty of House Productions , Maestro features local artists, models and landmarks to create a Carnival of colors and musical entertainment.



 Having been making music for a decade, he is a testament for art growing with the artist. One will quickly notice the attention he spends on his craft. It’s not too often in the local scenes that an artist is more dedicated to the art itself rather than a  gimmick and living in this  time in mainstream entertainment where it seems like every new musician is an imitation of another, Maestro stays true to himself, his origins and the music. Growing up in Chicago Heights, a South Suburb of Chicago, he has managed to maintain a humble and appreciative personality-even with a now growing fanbase and his dedication to detail  has been elevated with his recent years working for various Civil Engineering Companies.



 Maestro has been putting in the time and making his rounds. Though he has produced the majority of his own music, he has also worked with Brian Jay( who has produced music for mainstream stars like R Kelly), Ish Capone, Chi Beezie and Lloyd Johnson. He has also had  the opportunity to work with musical engineers like Drew Mantia ( Chance the Rapper, Probcause) and with the growth of his popularity has even been invited to record  in the most esteemed studio in the Midwest,  IV Lab and work with

renowned engineer and Grammy Award  winner James Autwarter, who has engineered for mega-superstars like Jay Z, Kanye West, Rihanna. D.J. Khaled, Marvin Sapp and Lupe Fiasco.


 Even though he has performed at hotspots like Reggie’s Rock Club, the Tonic Room, Adriana's Music Showcase and Red Kiva and has opened for Artists,Freeway and ProbCause, Maestro gives back to his community

with shows like Chicago  State University’s “Respect the Youth Campaign”.


 If you have not yet been turned on to Maestro’s Music , get on the ball because even though in his perspective everyday he is blessed to make music he considers himself to be a success, it will not be long before the rest of the world catches on to his genuine personality and music.


Reviewed by ~B~



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