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 Liptak is quickly becoming more than just another local rapper. Liptak is one of the hardest working entertainers in the Midwest. His eclectic style and addictive personality makes his performances and videos fun from start to finish. It's no surprise that he has been predicted to become the next big thing out of Hammond, In.  A true Artist, Liptak is personally involved on every aspect of his music - be it, writing, producing and performing. He has gained even more popularity and has been catapulted onto a broader stage by opening up for acclaimed artist 2 Chainz, Soulja Boy and Nelly and working with famed Region Videographer, Nick Branzinsky. 


 Showing no signs of slowing down, one can always expect a new single or mix tape being released frequently. Liptak is constantly evolving his style and makes use of his talented voice by singing in many of his tracks, he should always be expected to surprise  as well as entertain.  He is a model for the term "practice makes perfect" and keeps himself busy not only performing in the Midwest but traveling as far as         Tucson, Arizona and Austin, Texas spreading his ever growing fan base. 


Staying true to his midwest upbringing, one can usually expect to see Liptak in a pair of ripped jeans , with  shirts or hats draped in the American Flag and though music is his passion, Thomas spends lots of time volunteering and donating money to assist local high school sports programs.


One way or another you are bound to soon run into this artists and his work. Be sure to keep an ear and eye out for this Midwest Star, Liptak to be making a splash on a National Hip-Hop scene soon.


Reviewed by ~B~


Twista/Liptak Show
$$Liptak$$ | Brayn Noise

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