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I Did, Now I Don't 

July 18, 2015

I was surveying an abandoned building in the west side of Chicago and saw this picture frame laying face down among the scattered debris on the overgrown property. My curiosity, to no surprised, ran wild and I turned it over.

    When I turned it over I found four Wedding photos. What must have happened that these memories were left behind and thrown to the curb? Something happened to the smiling faces and joyful characters that occupied these photos. The owner of this time capsule must have found too much pain in this relic to not only leave it behind but to allow it to be discarded as it was.

      It saddens me to see these photos. What was to be the happiest day of two people's lives and the memory of the day "for the rest of our lives" was supposed to start, has now been left among the trash of an abandoned building. I can only imagine that the love that was felt that day is now reflected by the boarded up windows, the overgrown premises and deterioration of this building. "For the rest of our lives" has been abandoned.

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