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So I get to my first job this morning in Tinley Park, A suburb of Chicago. Part of my job as a Boundary Surveyor requires me to dig small divots in the lawn over buried property markers which as you can imagine, pisses people off sometimes.


Just as I was finishing up, a car passing by slows down. "What the hell do you think you're doing to my grass!?" Shouts an old man in his 70s.


"Who do you guys think you are digging that hole!?" He shouts again angrily.


I turn to look at him and roll my eyes a bit. "Here we go again" I thought. As I looked at my partner returning from the assignment I sent him on, I can tell he thought the same thing. I began to attempt to explain how my job was done when the old man did something I did not expect, he laughed. I was confused.


"I don't care about the damn grass boys! " he said laughing.


I was shocked and began to laugh along as he parked his car in the neighboring driveway. "You got me" I said as I walked closer to the vehicle.


He laughed some more as he opened the door to his car and got out, "I know what you guys are doing." He said "I was just messing with you. Hey! I'm going to see how good of surveyors you are." He stretches his right arm upward with his hand wide open then back down and grabs his crotch . "Is this a lot?!" He said and begins to laugh. I gave him a look and began to laugh hysterically.


I stood and spoke with the man for a couple minutes about the property I was surveying. I could tell he has lived in the neighborhood for a long time and had a real appreciation for it. As I spoke with him I imagined he and his wife raised their family there and now the children we grown and had families of their own. I could tell he had a hard but good life and had a real love for his time on this planet.


"Well it was good talking to you sir but I need to continue with my day." I said after a couple of minutes. "That's alright. You're good boys, good boys." He says. We shake hands and he pats me on the shoulder. "You're good boys" he says again as he walks away. As I'm walking back to my vehicle to put my equipment away, I take a look back, "crazy ass old man. " I whispered with a smile. I put my equipment away and continued with my day.


I really enjoyed that short time I spent speaking with that man. I'm willing to bet those who have the privilege of spending more time with him enjoy that time fully.


I love people sometimes.


April 15,2015


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