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I'm not Okay, You're not Okay

Dec. 9, 2016

   Every now and then, when I get caught up with life and work and all the little things that life throws at us on a daily basis, something always happens to remind me that I need to slow down and enjoy the here and now.

     I pulled up to my 7th job of the day today. It's been a busy week for me. The last 6 days I put out 39 jobs. Summer numbers. I get out of the car and sent my partner to talk to the homeowners. After a couple of minutes, as I'm drawing and measuring the porch, the homeowner comes out. I greet him and ask how's he's doing, common formalities. Truth is, I was being dismissive due to the fact it was about 20 degrees outside.


  "I'm fine." He says. "How are you?" He asked.


He's an older, thin man with a bald head and squared glasses. The little hair he has on his face is grey and he's missing a tooth here and there.  I tell him I'm fine as well and continue on my work. A second goes by, then I hear,


"Truth be told, I'm not fine." He says. "See, my sister passed yesterday. I'm here clearing some things out of the house."


I turned to look at him.  " I'm very sorry to hear that sir. Seems like this year has taken a lot from everyone"  I respond to him.

   He leans against his porch and stares out into the cold. " All my siblings are over at the house and want me to come over. I'm the oldest. I'm 73 years old. I can't go over there. They're doing their crying and I can't be doing that." He says.


As I look up at him, I can tell he's in pain. He hurts for his family. He hurts for his sister. 73 years. The memories that must be haunting him right now must be overbearing. The fact that his sister's house was sold so quickly after her death, leads me to beleive it was put on the market earlier. I can only assume that she's been sick and her family have been preparing but all the preparing can never get your ready to accept the loss of a loved one.


"Well, I'll leave you to your work, young man." He finishes and begins to walk inside.


"Sir?" I stopped him before he walks in. "I truly am sorry for your and your families loss. "  I tell him one last time. He looks at me with sorrowful eyes , thanks me and walks inside.


Sometimes I get myself into a time frenzy. I'm somewhat of a "Time Puppet" always trying to meet a deadline. I forget to enjoy the little things in life and enjoy the people in my life and even though over the last couple of years I've lost people who I've really enjoyed being in my life, I still forget that we are only here for a short time and we are not guaranteed that we get to see or talk to the people that we love tomorrow.

" and in the end it's not the years in your life that count , it's the life in your years." Abraham Lincoln.


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