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Gemini  1

Operation Sandbox

 Anjel! Anjel, You have to get inside the building before they come back around. You have to get to the mainframe and download the virus. We’ll hold them back as long as we can. Alex points his weapon as the “Giants”  were rushing the vehicle and fired repeated rounds. “Go! Now!” He screams. Anjel jumps out and quickly runs from behind the armored vehicle he and Alex rammed into the control tower no more than 5 minutes earlier. He slows to a jog as he enters the building and puts the bag he carries his laptop in behind his shoulders. He un-holsters his side arm and starts to make his way through the halls. The sound of gunfire echoes from outside.  He turns the corner and finds the elevators. As the doors open a group of Giants run out and Anjel unloads a clip into their heads, blood and brain splattering against the windows behind them. Since Anjel was young, he has always excelled at shooting. Slowly, he examines the remains on the floor. He steps over the first and then the second. As he steps into the elevator, He leans over to examine the third, which fell back into the elevator. The foul stench of the Giant caused him to turn his face and notice a twitch in the monsters fingers. He stands back up slowly and presses the button  B5. as the door closes, he points his 9 mm to the giants head and shoots 3 rounds.


“ Anjel, do you hear me?” Are you there?” Alex waits until hear hears the distinct sound of two clicks. “Good Are you in the elevator? Are you OK?” Alex says again and waits. Two clicks.

O.k. It’s up to you little brother, download your virus into the system but hurry, radar shows two inbound. I’m sure the surrounding hives already know we’re here. I’ll hold them off as long as I can but we only have about five minutes before our time is up.” Alex hears the two click. He goes to the front of the vehicle and examines the wreck. “ D, come here and help me take this off. It’s served it’s purpose.” With the help of his friend, he removes the attachment to the front of the truck  that was welded on to act as a battering ram. As he throws the twisted metals to the side, he hears something. “Alex, we have to get out of here soon.”Says Deovian. “Shush.” Alex says. “Did you hear that, D?” He walks around the vehicle and through what’s left of the demolished wall and steps outside. He looks up into the blue sky and shields his eyes from the sun. “Screechers!” He yells as a loud deafening sound of the flying Giants fills the air.


As he turns to run back in to take cover, two Giants on metallic gliders fly over the building and shoot their weapons towards the opening. Alex jumps into the hole narrowly avoiding the blast. As he stands up and dusts off, he hears the blood curdling sound of the Screechers. They were frightful Characters. A bit smaller than the usual Giants but I guess they have to be to fly around on those Gliders. They have the same overall appearance of the Giants. Elongated heads, One single long eye piece  on the front of their exoskeleton and those damn long hair like tentacles shooting out from the tops. What makes the Screechers more deadly however, is their flying and maneuvering capabilities. They can fly those things into almost anywhere and they are so fast. Taking them down can be a challenge.


“D, the RPGs!” Alex shouts, signaling for his partner to grab the Rocket Propelled Grenades he had brought with them. Deovian reaches into the back seat of the Dodge and hands the weapon to his friend. “No, keep it. I’m going to draw his fire. I want you to swing around the building and come in from the side. Get your ass moving or I’m fried chicken!” he yells.


“You go it boss!” D  shouts as he jumps from out of  the opening and starts running towards the side of the building. Alex grabbed his gun and ran for what was left of the stairs inside , working himself up to the second level. As he ran towards the large picture windows,  he pointed his weapon and shot. An explosion of glass fell to the floor and Alex could see the glider in the distance make it’s turn back around. He loses it in the sun for a couple seconds  but as it begins it’s course back towards the building he notices something. “Weren’t there two of them?” He asks himself.  As the glider gets closer Alex starts to shoot. A flurry of bullets went flying into the sky in the Screechers direction. The beast quickly began to flip circles in the sky avoiding the assault and as it established itself shot two large red beams  out of the gliders sides. The missiles, that left long tracers behind them flew towards the side of the building. Alex ran across the hall into the adjacent office as the walls of the office he was shooting from first burst into pieces and flames. He waited for a minute looking through the blinds that covered the window to see what the monsters next move would be.


Deovian ran as quick as he could around the side of the  building but was stopped by the sound of gunfire, followed by a large explosion, right before he turned the corner to the back. “God, please don’t let me be too late.” He said looking back. As he turned the corner he felt a crushing blow to the body. A Screecher! A screecher had been startled by the unexpected man. The Screecher had broken away from the pair and attempted to flank the humans. The Beast had side armed Deovian and sent him flying to the ground dropping the RPG to the dirt. As D, regained his focus, he saw that the Screecher was beginning to speed away, slowly elevating. . Deovian quickly jumped to his feet and ran towards the elevating machine. He jumped and landed on the glider and hung on to the Screecher. Quickly the Screecher began to circle and try to swing D off. It's attempts to reach around and grab him was of little advantage because of D's short stature. As it elevated to about about fifteen or so feet into the air, Deovian was running out of time before it would get too high to do anything. He reached down to his side and unsheathed a large Bowie Blade, his favored weapon and rammed it into the back of the gruesome thing but the Screecher didn't  stop . The blade was not puncturing the back. The glider took a sudden turn which caused D to lose his balance and fall back only remaining on the machine by grabbing a hold of the hair. His feet swung out, off the glider then back onto it. Finally able to grip his feet, he swung his blade out and into the side of the Screecher. The animal let out a long scream and struggled to pull the blade out of it’s body. “That bitch ain't coming out son !” Deovian shouted as he began punching the back of the monsters head repeatedly. The glider began to descend and crash to the earth. “This is mine bitch!” D said as he grabbed his knife and twisted it deeper into the body then pulled it out. He jumped from the glider and  as it crashed onto the earth, he hit the floor hard with a roll. stood back up and ran to the wreckage. The glider had fallen on top of the Screecher, splitting it’s head in two. It’s red blood shining brightly against the rust colored dirt. “You ain’t shit. I had you the whole time!” Deovian said, Spitting at the carcass.  “Alex!” he thought and ran back for his weapon and continued around the building.


The elevators doors opened. Anjel was in the basement level to the building. It was dark and it was cool. This is where the government keep their computing systems. The E.T.s had taken over our entire defense and security systems last year. No one saw them coming but they easily defeated the army here. All of our defenses and radars did us no good, Just like when they first appeared thirteen years prior. They had come in from nowhere and just began the assault. How did we not see them coming? All these satellites pointing out into space. We could have had more time to prepare. We could have saved so many people.


Anjel moved through the many towers in the rooms in search of his target. Finally he finds what he’s looking for. He swings his bag to his front and takes out a laptop. He opens the top of it , the top,  with a sticker of a Giant behind a red circle with a line drawn through it and the words “Fuck your World” below it. He searches for the right outlet and plugs in. Quickly, his screen lights up with information. Anjel begins to type in his codes and navigate through the system defenses. “They’ll never see this one coming.” He thinks as he types. “ It’s an old code, there’s no way they could ever have imagined it.” He thinks, trying to reassure himself that this mission will be a success. “I don’t know how they got into this system in the first place but this virus will give the resistance back control of our defenses and the government will not be forced to create more G2 units to protect us. I don’t trust those things.” He thought as he rapidly typed.


The download bar popped onto the screen and began filling. . As Anjel sets the laptop to the ground, he hears a shuffle from behind one of the towers. He grabs his gun and gets on his feet. He takes a couple steps towards the sound but his boots were making too much noise. He may as well be yelling his position, That is, if he talked. He bends over and puts his gun down to untie his boots. He hears the shuffle again and quickly looks up to see  Spot standing about 15 yards in front of him. “Shit!” he thought. Spot was the last thing he wanted to see. This thing was ugly! The only way to really describe Spot is to imagine the ugliest dog in the universe with a smile like “The Joker” from the movie. It stood on four legs  and about five feet tall. No hair. The body is thick, with a slimy film over it. The head is large and long, with a thick leathery main coming from the  back of its neck and it had a face only Satan himself could love. It didn’t have a nose at the tip to the snout only teeth. It had a single nostril slit in between its four red eyes, which was always leaking mucus or something from it. Oh, and did I mention the teeth? It had two layers of them, like a shark. It’s mouth ran up along it’s face almost to the eyes and could drop it’s jaw to devour an entire human body at once. I’ve seen it, It’s not pretty. Anjel, Slowly stopped untying his boot and reached for his side arm. “Siiit Spot.” He thought to himself before the animal began running towards him . Anjel grabbed his firearm and began shooting, every shot hitting spot on the head. The animal falls and slides to Anjels feet and comes to a stop. He breathes a sigh of relief and picks his computer back up. “Fail” was the message that greeted him on his screen. “What? Fail? That’s impossible!” he thought.


“Anjel? Our time is up, we need to get out of here” He heard on his ear piece. Anjel  reached for his ear and clicked the device twice. He went back into his laptop and navigated into the central files and began extracting information. He looked up when he heard another shuffle from behind him. “Hey Spot” He thought. “ I see you want some of what your buddy here got .” He thought with a smile as he pointing to the dead beast laying next to him. That smile quickly left his face as two more Spots came from around the corner and stood behind the first. Anjel, reached down and yanked the computer from the main frame and darted for the elevator. As he turned corners he looked back to see Spot getting closer and closer. There. The elevators were now in plain sight but he wasn’t going to make it. A couple of feet from the door he jumped and turned around to face the first one. As he slid backwards along the floor he began shooting, taking down the closest beast. “ See spot sleep.” He thought. As he slid into the elevator doors he got back on his feet and pushed the button. he reached into his bag and grabbed another clip, loaded his gun, pointed and fired at the second. As the door opened he stepped in still firing at the dog. The doors began to close but Spot lept in time to fit his large head into the opening and knocking Anjel back. Holding the shark faced gremlin back with his feet he reloaded and fired. One of the bullets erupting one of Spots four eyes. The animal retreated but not before taking one of Anjel boots. The doors closed.


The Screecher had slowed to a hover around the opening in the building it had caused when firing at the human. Alex, quietly looking out from behind the blinds in the office he was in, reached for his radio.“Anjel? Our time is up, we need to get out of here”  he said and as usual, waited for the clicks. The Screecher was hovering near to where the crashed truck was sitting and Alex knew it was their only escape. “ Damn it D, where are you?” He thought to himself. He aimed out at the Screecher and began firing. The Blinds and window shattering and fell with the hail of bullets exiting the office. The Screecher tilted it’s glider to take some of the impact but was also  pushed back away from the truck. It swung around  and now faced Alex who had run out of bullets. The Side of the glider began glowing red and the Screecher was reading to fire its missiles. Quickly, Alex looked for a magazine to reload when Deovian came from behind the corner of the building, Rocket in hand. “ Smile for the camera, ugly” he shouted as the he let the RPG loose. The missile flew across Alex and into the bottom of the glider. The explosion sent the screecher flying to the floor, where it landed hard and didn’t move.


“Good shot D.” Alex said reloading his gun. “I thought I was going to be gonner for a minute.” He said, making his way back down to the ground level . “ What the hell took you so long though.”


Deovian, looked at Alex. “ Hey man, I don’t want to hear shit about it. The count right now is D-2 Alex -0 . I think I have the MVP for today.” He said. they gave each other a fist pump then were startled by the sound of gunfire. They both turn to see Anjel with a smoking gun in hand aimed at the head of the downed Screecher. He pointed to Deovian and held up one finger, then back at himself and held up four fingers.


Deovian laughed. “ One to four? O.K., I can live with that but um, I still have one more shoe than you do there buddy.” he finished pointing at Anjel’s shoeless foot. Anjel looks down.


“That’s true brother.” Alex says as they all begin to laugh.


A sound distracted them from the truck. Alex , takes a seat in the drivers side to look at the commotion. “ Shit. seems like we woke these sons of bitches up cause here they come.” He says looking at his makeshift radar inside his truck.


“Fuck man, It’s time to go. Let’s get this truck off these rocks.” Said D as he and Anjel began pushing the vehicle from the front. “ Alex, give it gas!” Shouted Deovian. The engine revved and the truck darted out of the hole the three had caused earlier.  Deovian got in the back and as Anjel was getting in he pointed to the west. They all look back to see a trove of gliders headed their way. “ I hope you got good news Anjel.” Alex said. Anjel only looking away and loaded his weapons. “All we have to do is make it to this tunnel here guys, 3 miles down  and we’ll be ok.” Said Alex pointing to the map on his phone he had  mounted on the dash.


As they take off, Anjel takes out his phone and begins to type. The words begin to appear on the screen of Alex’s phone.


“ The mission was a fail. The virus didn’t work. There was a defense to the code I tried to use. I don’t know how it got there, it shouldn’t have been there. We didn’t get control of our defenses.”


“What do you mean it didn’t work, Anjel!? It was your code! you said the Giants wouldn’t have been around long enough to know anything about it?” Alex screamed.


Anjel begins to type again..


“ The only people who knew about this virus is me and the people I used it on before. The only defense for this virus is the one I wrote and never created a backdoor for. I didn’t have to."


A look came over Alex’s face after he finished reading the message.


“Are we there yet?” A voice interrupted from the back


“Seriously D, You’re going to start with this shit?” Alex yelled into the back. “Yes, only about a mile away, why?” He said again.


“Cause here they come!” Shouted Deovian as he began to fire into the sky.


“Shit, there has to be fifty of them Anjel! I don’t think we’re going to make it little brother.” Alex said looking into his mirrors then back at his brother. Anjel gave Alex a look then grabbed his rifle and hung out the window and began to fire. The gliders began to shine like fireballs in the sky and began raining down missiles. They would explode besides the speeding truck, throwing up dust and sand and covering their windows.


“ Eat shit, bastards!” Shouted D as he shot up into the sky. “Out. I need another Mag, Anjel !” Shouted D. Anjel looks at Deovian and shakes his head. “Damn it!” D shouts. He takes out his sidearm and begins to fire at the enemies. He takes aim “We’ll go out together then!” he shoots. The glider explodes!  Then another one, and another one.  Deovian looks at his gun with amazement. “ Damn!” He looks inside the truck at the brothers. “ You guys see that shit!? MVP! MVP!”


“That wasn’t you dumbass!” Look!” Alex shouts pointing out into the sky. To their Amazement they see a figure  flying through the air and maneuvering through the Screechers. It’s jet trails leaving streamers behind it.


“Holy shit, is that a G2?!” Shout Deovian. “Are we being saved by a fucking G2?”


“I’ve never seen a G2 unit move like that D!” It can’t be a G2. They don’t fly solo missions” Alex says slowly turning to  look at  his brother finding  him already looking back. “It’s him again Bro.” Alex says. “ It’s the first.”


Deovian was still screaming obscenities from the back and occasionally firing his gun. One after another, The gliders would explode.” The figure would fly straight towards the groups of Screechers and flip through the air, shooting from a mini gun attached to its forearm. “ There it is! The tunnel!” Alex yelled back. “We’re going to make it!”  he said but as soon as the words left his mouth , the road exploded in front of them. A Screecher swooped in from the side passed them. It had gotten lost in the smoke and gunfire. The Truck went front first into the hole causing it to bounce furiously out of the blast and then come to a stop.


“ Shit!” Alex yelled trying to turn the vehicle back on.  Deovian who had fallen forward into the seats tried to  get back up and Anjel had slammed his head into the dash and knocked himself out. “ Turn the car on Alex!, Turn it on Alex!” Deovian shouted from the back.


The Screecher circled around and came to a hover above them. As the sides began to glow indicating it was about to fire, A figure fell from above,  through the black clouds of smoke and dust and right onto the glider causing the missiles to miss it’s target. The earth exploded to the right of the truck as it finally turned on and began to move again towards their destination. Deovian turned back to see the figure that was now battling with the Giant no more than 20 yards from them. It looked similar to the G2 only it’s movements were more fluid. It would use the  jet that was attached to it’s suit to evade the swipes from the Screechers long dangerous claws and it would bob and weave the attempted assaults in a way he’s never seen the G2 move. When the Screecher finally grabbed the figure by it’s body and began to squeeze using it’s powerful hold, the figure , whose suit, despite it’s damages, shined an emerald green,  brought his closed fist to the head of the Screecher and fired his mini gun completely decimating the Giants head. As the glider crashed to the ground, The figure ignited his jets and hovered behind them. Staring at the vehicle as it sped away.


Deovians eyes grew large as he looked back at the figure. “ Holy Shit.” he whispered. “It’s him. It’s him!  Alex, It’s him. It’s the rebel unit!” I thought he was only a story but it’s him! It’s GemIni 1!” He shouted. “ I can’t believe it! I can’t believe I’m actually seeing this! Alex, slow down! I want to see this!” He shouted to the front.


“Are you out of your mind! Alex yelled back accelerating closer to the tunnel.


“Look Alex, look. The rest are heading back!” They’re retreating!”  D shouted. “Have you ever seen something this amazing, Alex!”


As Alex entered the truck into the tunnel he looked through his mirror, to see the figure hovering. looking in their direction. He checked on his brother that was coming to, then back in the mirror just in time to see the figure fly up and out of sight.


“Yes, Deovian. I have.” Alex whispered as the tattered armored truck sped down  the long dark tunnel.





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