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Trans-America; Living in the land of make believe

So, we've reached a point in the human race where we are being forced to accept to identify others as what they feel they are, rather than what they really are. I don't get this. It's cool if you feel like playing make-believe. I don't have a problem with it, but I refuse to call you a cat just because you identify yourself as one. I will not treat you as a child because you refuse to identify yourself as an adult. Just because you identify yourself as another race, or gender, this does not change your biology! This is science! I think it's ridiculous that legislation is being considered to force people to go against logic! Now, I'm all for people being and doing what makes one happy, but unlike hetero, homo or bisexuality (which is a sexual preference I consider to be no different than a man preferring a short, blonde woman with large breasts. Or a woman preferring a tall man with muscles and a big member), Transgenders I feel are different. A man can cut off his testicles and shape his penis to make it look like a vagina, and he could get breast implants, but that won't make him a woman. That makes him a man with no balls, mangled penis, and a great rack. A woman can get a breast reduction, grow out her body hair, and shape her vagina to make it look like a penis. But that won't make her a man. That would make her a flat chested, hairy woman with a mutilated vagina.

I don't mean to offend anyone by my use of logic and science guys, that's not my intention at all. Like I said earlier, if it makes you happy, no matter how psychotic I think self mutilation is, then do what you will. But you can not expect other people to play make-believe with you.

As I always do, when writing about controversial topics, I have done my research into the psychiatry of those who believe they were “assigned” the wrong gender at birth (as if being born male or female was actually a decision being made by an entity).

Biological Causes

“Genetic variation, hormones, and differences in brain functioning and brain structures provide evidence for the biological etiology of the symptoms associated with GID. Twin studies indicate that GID is 62% heritable, evidencing the genetic influence or prenatal development as its origin. In male-to-female transsexuals, GID is associated with variations in an individual's genes that make the individual less sensitive to androgens. Zhou et al. (1995) found that in one area of the brain, male-to-female transsexuals have a typically female structure, and female-to-male transsexuals have a typically male structure. Zhou et al. (1995) had a sample size of only six male-to-female transgender individuals. There may, for example, be some non-transgender heterosexual men with some brain structures that would be expected in a female, as the sample size in Zhou et al. (1995) is too small to exclude such possibilities. In addition, some aspects of trans women's hypothalamus functioning resemble that typical of cisgender women. The presence of typically female patterns of white matter and neuron patterns has also been observed in the brains of male-to-female transsexuals and overall longer instances of the androgen receptor gene. (Also see Causes of transsexualism.)”

This is the part I found interesting:

“However, these markers do not identify every individual who undergoes transition.

Similar brain structure differences have, however, been noted between gay and heterosexual men, and between lesbian and heterosexual women. More recent studies have found that circumstance and repeated activities such as meditation modify brain structures in a process called brain plasticity or neuroplasticity. In May 2014, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reported that for fathers, parenting "rewires the male brain"

So in other words, even though these differences were found in the brains of those who identify themselves as transgender, the same differences have been found in the brains of non-trans and heterosexual people.

Even though all the research done by the American Psychiatric Association has proven that GID is a mental disorder caused by physiological abnormalities, this has nothing to do with the problem I’m having. The problem I’m having with not only Gender Identity, but the growing trend of “Trans-identity” is that people who go about their days using logic are being forced to “play along” or be chastised. They are being called bigots because they refuse to join in the fantasy. They are being labeled as “Transgender Phobic” or “Religious Zealots” because they refuse to believe in the extensive, and sometimes surgically assisted, dress up some people are choosing to play.

I’m reminded of the woman in Midland, MI who had her gym membership revoked because she was causing a scandal by informing all the other members that a man was being allowed to use the women's locker-room because he “sincerely identifies himself as a woman.” In this case however, I don’t mind so much that the woman’s membership was revoked. If the establishment really wants a “judgment free zone” and has made it publicly known of it’s acceptance of transgender identity, and lets dudes into a woman’s locker-room so long as they “sincerely identify themselves as a woman” (I wish I knew it was that easy to get into a woman’s locker room as a teenager, by the way) Then they have the right to do so, and if the woman was offended by this, then she should have changed to a different gym.

The problem I have is the growing pressure for all public and private establishments, laws, as well as all people to not only go along with these delusions but to do so under penalty of law. More so because these “Trans-identity” issues are not even being checked to see if there is actually a diagnosis of GID or not. Contrary to what some people may be thinking of me by this point of the article, I do believe that GID is a disorder and I do believe that those who suffer from it do indeed identify themselves as whatever they say they do. For the most part, they pose no threat to anyone but themselves, but what about those who do not really have GID? Most establishments that offer these “Judgment free zones” are allowing men to use women's facilities and allowing women to use men's facilities under the “honor system.” So tell me, what’s to stop an elaborate exploitation of these rules by a creep or pervert? Remember, there doesn’t have to be a hundred cases of this happening for it to have a serious consequence. Once will do. In Manitoba, proof of surgery is no longer needed to change the gender on birth certificates. What is to stop those with mischievous intents to take advantage of these kinds of laws? How long until people can change their complete identity so long as they can pull off the “sincerity” of their self identification?

Just recently, we have seen a woman who claims to be “Transracial.” A Caucasian woman who identifies herself as being of African descent. She used this self identification to be accepted into a predominantly African American College, as well as become the President of the NAACP Spokane, Washington Chapter. She invented a complete alternative life and falsified her family background only to be outed by her real parents after ten years of this charade. To most people, this is called fraud, which is punishable by law, but now people are asking to sympathize for this woman who “sincerely identifies” herself as a black woman.

What other doors will this new trend of “Trans-Identification” be soon ready to open? How will the people that understand that the biology of people can not be changed, be expected to handle the mainstream acceptance of these psychotic manifestations? How long until we are forced to accept all the personalities of those suffering from MPD?

Why are people being chastised for believing that the biology of humans can not be changed just because a person chooses to think so. That a cat can not become a dog. That a man, no matter how hard he thinks he can, not become a woman. That no matter how much a white woman curls her hair and tans her skin, she can not become of African descent.

We spend so many hours telling children and teenagers that all they need to be is themselves. That loving who they are is the most important part of life. I think those who suffer from GID need to be hearing the same thing. They need to hear that, yes, they have a brain chemestry that makes them feel more feminine or masculine than their physical appearance says they should be and that's ok. That they may relate more to one race than another, but you know what? That’s okay. You’re perfect the way you are but yes, you still need to use the Ladies room if you’re a lady, or the Mens room if you’re a man.

In other words, they need to be treated and by treated, I don't mean that they need to be "fixed" but more so, they need to come to terms with who they are and not be led further down the rabbit hole by allowing them to go through extremes like mutilating themselves or creating alternate or false lives or by forcing those around them to "play along" with their manifestiations. I’m by no means saying that people should be assholes to them. In fact, people should be more sensetive to the fact that people who may be suffering with GID or are having self identification problems are really in distress . EVERYBODY has a right to be happy and who they sleep with, how they dress and so on, should not be the business of anybody else but their own, and those they choose to let into their lives. However, I will always take exception against any entity who tries to force anybody against using logic.

Lastly, I would like to give some advice to those who love to engage in debates on these kinds of subjects. Try opening your mind to the possibilities that all is not just a matter of black and white. That your argument does not have to be the right one. That those you discuss subjects with who have contrary points of views are not ignorant or bigots. They just may have been led to see life with different eyes than you. You will always get further in sharing your thoughts by having discussions, rather than having debates and learn to distance yourself from a discussion that begins to get over emotional. I always use “Let me think on this some more.”

Try listening without responding and respond only with the knowledge that what you say, may just change someone's reality and their worlds. There is room in this world for different perspectives, but if you never allow yourself to open up to them, then you will never grow as a human being.

Don't be afraid.... That ringing you hear in your ears is just a bit of ...