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Be Aware or Beware


For those who don't know, Saturday night I was robbed at gunpoint in the Suburbs while delivering. I wasn't going to post this on my profile but I felt I should as a warning. I saw the man walking down the sidewalk and ignored my instinct to wait till he cleared the street. I got out of the car with my back turned to him and in a matter of a couple seconds he had run up behind me gun in hand. By the time I realized I was getting mugged it was too late for me to react. He demanded the cash and I gave it to him. He demanded my phone and wallet and to this I said no. I Deliberately gave him a hard time to elongate the confrontation but eventually gave up the second stash of cash. He grabbed my car keys and ran.

Luckily I got a call today from the LPD that the person was fingered in another confrontation and he was caught. I was interviewed again and my keys were returned. This man is now in jail. I wasn't injured and am perfectly fine, thank the Creator.

Some things I want to warn all my friends and family about. Some of you I know take more precautions than others but still just take this as a reminder....

1) Don't ignore your instincts.

I knew the scene wasn't right and I ignored it because of where I was and the hurry I was in. I'm usually the one who preaches about never letting down your gaurd and always being prepared and I was caught with my guard down and unable to react the way I should have.

2)Don't do what I did and refuse to give up what was asked.

Cash, phone, wallet- All that is just stuff. Your life is what is important. I have a bad habit of pushing my luck and though I was sure he wasn't aiming to kill me, I could have been wrong and that mistake could have been costly.

3) Do not become complacent!

I work daily in places like the West Side of Chicago, Englewood, Auburn Gresham and Bush where my attentiveness is at its highest levels but because I was in the suburbs I let my guard down. This can happen anywhere at any time. I was expressing to the officer how mad I was at myself for letting down my guard- the officer said, listen, shit like this happens to officers, and people who are armed as well. We all try to be as aware as we can but sometimes lose our focus because we feel we're in a safe place. Be smart and attentive to your surroundings, especially when you're alone.

4) Lastly, get trained and get armed.

I've been putting off getting my permits to carry because of other engagements but this helped me realize that my life and the well being and protection of my family comes first.

This incident could have ended badly, especially with my stubbornness to comply to demands of a scumbag- I have always been one of those guys who thought he was too aware to have something like this happen to him. I was wrong.

Take this as a heartfelt warning to all of you guys cause I care for you and your families well being and safety.

Thank the Creator I get to spend this holiday with my family and I get a chance to right my mistakes. Fool me once……

Stay safe Family and Friends.

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