Braynnoise #2752 Cosmic Toilet Bowl

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May 31, 2020

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Braynnoise #2752 Cosmic Toilet Bowl

January 11, 2017



 Think about this for a moment. It is believed that that the center of our galaxy is a massive Black Hole with a gravity so great that it is pulling in the millions of stars around it, including our very own sun.

This means that everything you have ever known. Every person you have ever met, seen or even heard of. Every advance in science starting from the discovery  of fire to the present has been done while circling around the cosmic toilet bowl and into our eventual doom........  

Since before the creation of the Earth, this galaxy has been in chaos but if in this chaos there can be life, hope, beauty, poetry, friendships, sunsets, love......that in itself is sort of a miracle.

YOU, are a miracle... .

Have a great day!


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