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Our Belt, not just Mine!

March 17, 2017



I am all for Budget cuts and I understand that  in a country with such large deficits and debts, lots of those Budget cuts are going to hurt and cause anger. Nobody likes to live on a budget, especially a very tight one. I also understand the need for a strong military. The Government's main job is to protect the citizens of this country from all threats, foreign and domestic, so I get the need for a strong military, especially having so many family and friends who either have served or are serving and have had to deal with poor equipment and subpar medical services.



What I do not understand is why the very lucrative paychecks and lifestyles of Government Officials did not make the cut. It is no secret that one thing the government can always agree on is to give themselves raises. I have never agreed with and will never  agree with the fact that the Representatives that were chosen by the  people to be their voices in D.C., are able to live a lifestyle that the majority of their constituents can not. They take lavish vacations, eat at the finest restaurants and send their kids to the finest schools. These people make and easy six figures a year ,not including the many amenities that  accompany the positions.

I would hope that along with some of the cuts that are on the table, that will no doubt, affect the citizens of the United States, would also include massive cuts in the Salaries of Government Representatives. I would also expect their to be an initiative to do away with certain wasteful “Committees”  that allow Representatives ( by no accident, I’m sure)  to earn even more than the usual representative. In a time where the country needs to tighten their belt, but still get things done, it is these people who should take the financial hit before the citizens that pay their checks do!


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