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Nut up or Shut Up!

So let me get this straight. The Republicans have been campaigning on Repeal and Replace for the last 4 fucking years and when the time comes to follow through. PFFT! NOTHING!

This is why people have a hard time trusting the government. First, the morons on the left bullied through a horrible system that they never even reviewed, benefits some and FUCKS the rest, that is, unless you are a special interest group or part of the government. Millions of people either lost their doctors, or were forced to have the burden of suffering through premium hikes of up to and exceeding 100%(mostly both) and though the hikes were not written in the ACA, it was a direct result of the ACA and an outcome that the majority in the field, as well as economists, warned was going to happen. I guess that's much to the old point that " if it didn’t happen to me, THEN I DON’T FUCKING CARE!" Well it did happen to me. All of it. I have been suffering through the bullshit that came with it for the last 3 years, with a child who needs special treatment, at that!

but I digress,

...Then the President took the word of the idiots on the Right who were all balls deep on Repeal and Replace, but didn't have a plan that they all agreed on!

The President ran on that promise, which to me, was one of the two policies that I even cared about, eliminate the ACA and bring jobs back to Americans. I agree that the health care in this country needs to be remedied, however, I do not, in any way, agree with the individual mandate, and honestly, if you really believe in the American Experiment, you shouldn’t either, but that’s another post.

I do think that we can better in terms of healthcare and I will even accept that , though the means in which it was done was ridiculously irresponsible, President Obama throwing the problem into the spotlight did force the country to make healthcare a priority. One would think though, that if the Republicans (that have been championing themselves on this issue since it was introduced) would have unanimously agreed that there is a better path to take , that they would have a plan that THEY WOULD ALL AGREE ON! Seriously, what the fuck have been you been doing for the last 6 years?!

In all honesty, though I know that the blame immediately goes to the top, this is really the fault of the GOP in Congress, and though I know that this is only the Presidents 3rd month in office and that he still has more than three and half years to accomplish everything he promised to the Conservative Zealots, this failure for him and the republicans is an embarrassing one. For those who voted solely on policies that they agreed with, like me, this has, so far, been a let down.

I never pay attention to the over dramatization and scare tactics of Political Zealots and Media. ( “millions of people are going to lose coverage and die!”) Seriously, do people honestly believe this shit?! I know well how the government and politics work and I know it is not as easy as picking up a pen and changing the direction of the country. My grievance is not that the ACA was not replaced immediately, I believe that something will eventually be done to alter it, I believe this because I am a believer that if there is a better way to do something, it will eventually be done; that’s the way it has worked for the entire of human existence. My problem is what it usually is with the government, that ideologues can yell for hours about an issue that they don’t like but either usually don’t have a solution for the issue or their solution makes things even worse. Obamacare was the latter, and Republicans showed to be the first in this case.

I will never root against a President. To me, that is an absurdity. I may not always agree with them, and I will always be vocal about issues that don’t seem to follow some sort of logic in my head, but I will not root for their failure. I never think in terms of Republican and Democrats ( though I used to ) to me, none actually care about Americans, they only care about their ideology. I understand that President Trump is not a politician and I think he is starting to figure out that he can not run this country the way he has previously ran businesses. I do however think he is a bright man and I think there is much to say about the impact he has had on every single person that he has interacted with since he has become President. I think he has an understanding that , as president, he is not the boss, the American People are. I can see that he genuinely wants to be part of the citizenship and wants to represent all Americans. Though people hate his twitter rants,(and I personally think he should not feel forced to answer to every criticism) I enjoy that a President has a voice and interacts with the citizens. I feel that he reads all the criticisms as well as praises. There is always something to like in every person. I don't think this falls short on politicians. I seldomly every agreed with President Obama and I think history will write a story about him that some will not expect, however I did like his ability to speak and inspire. I feel that this ability is something that the nation had not seen since JFK.

Just as I did for President Obama, yet , to me, he never delivered, I hope the best for President Trump because if he is a success, America is a success. However,Word to the, so called, wise which is the Republican party, if you are running on a platform of fixing an issue, have a fucking plan on how to fix it before it’s your turn at the table! Nut up or SHUT UP!

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