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Another S.O.T.F.U.

This Pelosi State of The Union B.S. is not the first time the D.N.C. has pulled some petty stuff. Read S.O.T.F.U. on Brayn Noise. Rest assured, just as the last fiasco was filled with B.S. excuses, this "Security risk" excuse is just another. This all has to do with the contempt the left has for the president, or maybe, there's more to it?

Everyone knows that Pelosi's plea to postpone the S.O.T.U. was a polite no invite for Trump. The President knows this as well. Pelosi is no stranger to political stunts and games having been in government for over 3 decades. By claiming security risks due to the government shutdown, she could deny the President a chance to address Congress and the Nation, leaving her actions looking decisive and just in the eyes of the people. However, when Donald Trump notified Nancy earlier today that he was still planning to address the nation from the House Chambers, he forced Pelosi to flagrantly deny the President access to the Chambers, in my opinion, exactly what Trump wanted. He later cancelled the State of the Union, blamed Pelosi and made her look petty doing it.

So why doesn't Nancy want Trump to address the Nation? The real excuse Pelosi doesn't want the President to speak, I think , is that Pelosi and rank and file Dems are afraid to give POTUS any more air time to make his case for the border wall, especially on such a huge platform. Since his visit to the border and his address afterwards, approval ratings for the wall has gone up and some Democratic Senators have even began to budge on a need for physical barriers.

It is possible that giving the President this time to address the nation and all of congress, may just give the President the Democrat votes he needs. There is no way in hell Pelosi will allow this to happen. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out in the next few days. The Government has been in a partial shutdown for over a month now, with little indication of it opening soon, however, it does look like President Trump is gaining ground on his Border Wall proposals with both, Democrat Senators and the American people.

Update 1/29/2019 4 days ago POTUS signed a Stopgap bill that will open the government up for 3 weeks, and though many people Democrat and Republican alike see this as a concession, I have other thoughts.

It is my belief that President Trump is doing just as he had planned. By passing the Stopgap and reopening the government he will force Pelosi to invite him to deliver the State of the Union, which she did yesterday. The date is set for February 4th. This will also give a chance to have the 800,000 furloughed Federal Workers to be compensated for their missed pay, which the left was using to gain sympathy. As I had previously hypothesised, Pelosi and Schumer do not want to give the President a podium to make his case for the wall, knowing that with every public address, he gains favor for his barrier. We are a about a week a away from seeing if his address does just that.

Update 2/5/2019

The State of the Union address went in last night and last about an hour and a half. In my opinion, the President delivered a powerful speech, yet much of the same from Congress. Standing and sitting, mostly sitting from the Democratic party, of course. Nancy Pelosi sat behind the president and chewed on her denture for an hour and half, so that was unnerving, but as expected, the President made his plea for better border security. In a great surprise to me, what stood out even more than his usual plea for a wall and the Democrats usual loathing of the President, Donald Trump made a fiery proclamation that will be sure to piss of a handful of Democrat favorites " America will NEVER be a Socialist Country!" He also made a heartfelt plea to end "Late -Term" Abortion, which I thought was fantastic, but the Dem. Ladies dressed as Suffragettes, who were earlier standing and dancing ,cheering for their own jobs and life, didn't seem to stand and cheer for the lives of fully developed unborn babies.......but that's another post.

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