“Jocks, they aren't so bad“

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"Jocks, they aren't so bad"

June 14, 2019

Dedicated to all my friends who have been discriminated against for being athletes.

Be strong.


jock 2 [jok]

— noun

2. Informal. an athlete.

Why do some people use the word "jock" with such a negative undertone, as if being a jock was such a bad thing to be?

Honestly, what's so bad about being a jock? They manage to go through the difficulties of being young, keeping their grades high enough to participate in sports and go through practices at the same time. Doesn't sound too easy, does it?
Most jocks are in shape, hard workers, dedicated and disciplined and provide hours of entertainment for people, come up with the best drinking games and provide something nice to look at for the opposite sex. 



Still, we get a bad rap and reputation for being assholes, meat-heads and narcissists.


 All misunderstandings if you ask me.Seriously, isn't it logical to be in the right shape for the sport you play? I say, yes, and its okay to be proud of that and jocks aren't assholes, They just try to take the aggressive approach of motivating others to not be so lame.

I also dislike the false notion of jocks being dumb. That is so untrue. 90% of the Top 10 in my graduating class were jocks and cheerleaders so what does that tell you?

So please, don't prejudge jocks. They should be recognized for the extraordinary people they really are and don't believe the bad rap they have, that's all rhetoric given out by Hollywood, dorks and liberals;-)

I'm proud to be a jock:-) 












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