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Battle of the Bands! There can be Only One!

Well here we go. I'm curious to see which band will Survive the Battle of the Band! The Pairing will be matched up as best as possible and I am only using bands that would appearing in "Classic Rock" genre

I will be using Facebook Polls to get as big of samples as I can. The more you share the Polls, the bigger the samples will be. You can also use this page to accesses the polling links! Make sure to check back often to see the winners and losers of past polls!

Round 1

Led Zeppelin vs Pink Floyd

Round 2

Aerosmith vs Rolling Stones

Round 3

Stoned Temple Pilots vs Soundgarden

Round 4

Guns and Roses vs Metallica

Round 5

The Doors vs Queen

Round 6

AC/DC vs Black Sabbath

Round 7

Nirvana vs Pearl Jam