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Let's get ready to IMPEACH!!!!!!

So, the thing that The Democrats that have been looking for since before Donald Trump even won the Presidency finally happened. On December 18, 2019, President Donald John Trump became the 3rd President in American History to be impeached. This shouldn’t have come to anyone’s surprise being that the Democrats have long had the outcome of this in mind and have tried many times to find the crime that would justify the punishment, with the help of their friends in the MSM pushing the narrative, of course.

Before everyone starts throwing their shit around, Let it be known that I do not give a rats ass when ANY sitting representative gets punished for a crime or violation of Morals and Ethics while serving in their positions. I think they all should...I THINK THEY ALL SHOULD!

Meaning that what this impeachment showed was complete bias against the Republican President and coordinated attempts to oust him, attempts that were not equal to obvious abuses by his predecessors. To think that the Obama Administration, and Barack Obama himself had no impeachable offenses is laughable. Of course , many would argue that had he impeachable offenses he would have been impeached, but that would just legitimize my point. Why wasn’t he when there were many occasions ( in comparison to the reason President Trump was Impeached) where he definitely should have been; Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS targeting, etc.

The president of the U.S., no matter who it is, constantly goes outside the law to play ball in this lawless world. It is understood that there are things that the government does not want us or need us to know. Regardless of the laws that we treasure in our country, the majority of the world and it’s leaders operate outside of these laws. So it's only logical that our leaders must sometimes do the same to even the playing ground. The fact that we don’t know the details of many of these situations comes down to power over the MSM and the advancement of “The Agenda”. Remember, the news only shows us what we are allowed to see. When I hear anyone in the Government speak about "What's right" "protecting the morality of the nation" or "Honoring the Constitution" I die from laughter. There are very little politicians, especially establishment politicians that can give two shits about anything but power for themselves and their party.

There has usually been an understanding by those in congress about how this government works on the world stage and usually give the administration room to work without pursuing charges against any President for straying outside of the law. There has been an equal respect to take care of any grievances at the voting booths. It seems now however that this respect and understanding have been tossed out of the window.

In retrospect, this is a good thing. Knowing that one party was willing to violate this understanding will only provoke the other party to do the same , which should influence, or more factually, frighten our leaders to stop going outside the law to “get things done” or be exposed, so again, I am all for exposing and punishing of ALL representatives of the people who violate the law or ethics and morals of their positions, but it should be done unbiasedly!!

Let me get into this Impeachment though. The pursuit and outcome of this Impeachment was met with divide from the start. Many argued that the President was within his rights to withhold aid to Ukraine, had he thought that the Ukraine government was corrupt , which most people can agree that it was. Others would contest that the Presidents motives were only self serving attempting to withhold the aide until Ukraine officials cooperated with an investigation on Joe Biden (a 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate).

To any logical and unbiased mind, both can be true, but to the Democrats who hold the majority in the House of Representatives, this was the accusation that would finally justify the punishment they have been waiting for; a truth that would spark the accusations of the Democrats in the House conducting a Kangaroo Court.

Kangaroo Court

Prejudicial bias of the decision-maker or from political decree are among the most publicized causes of kangaroo courts.Such proceedings are often held to give the appearance of a fair and just trial, even though the verdict was already decided before the trial actually began.

Does this situation fit the description of a Kangaroo court? One would have to take a look at the last 3 years of the Democrats attempting to find impeachable offenses.

First they tried Sexual Misconduct and attempted to line up the headlines with any and all women who have accused the Billionaire of some sort of Sexual Misconduct, even though the majority of those accusations had already been thrown out by the courts. One in particular was the accusations and lawsuit by Stormy Daniels, which was also eventually thrown out .

Second came the Russian Collusion scandal which charged the President of accepting aid from Putin and the Russians to win the 2016 elections, which was also laid to rest at the end of a 2 year Investigation by Robert Mueller finding the President having not colluded with Russia, yet opened the doors for the third attempt to Impeach.

Third, came the charge of Obstruction, which came as a result of the President’s many attempts to interfere with the Russian Collusion investigation, which included harassment of witnesses. Many would contest that there could be no obstruction if there was no crime, which in my opinion, is a stupid defense. ( This is actually the one that the Democrats should have stuck with and I think they would have succeeded on with less of a partisan divide.)

Lastly came the Ukraine Call which the Democrats believe presented a Quid Pro Quo in which the President attempted to withhold American Aid to Ukraine if they did not release a statement that they are opening an investigation into then, Vice President Joe Biden, for abusing his power to land his son into a position he was unqualified for, making him millions of dollars.

The last one is the one that the Democrats, who hold the majority in the House of Representatives, felt could justify the punishment that had been 3 years in the making.

I get that people don't like the President. That's just fine with me and I am as cynical of the guy whenever I find the need to be. Citizens should scrutinize their elected officials, always, and vote them out when they are ineffective, but when there is something as serious as an impeachment of a sitting president it should NEVER be as divided along partisan lines. That only shows that an Impeachment is only politically motivated and those impeaching have absolutely no care in the world for the welfare of the country or it's people.

I can go down the presidencies and list every impeachable offense each one could have been charged with, and I know many, many scholars that can do the same.

This was a partisan move motivated only by vigor. Since this president was elected the punishment had already been decided, and it was evident by the many different charges the opposing party tried to throw at a possible impeachment before they decided to stick to one. At least when it happened to Bill Clinton, impeachment wasn't spoken of until the whole Lewinsky scandal went public and Slick Bill lied under oath, and even though Bill Clinton was eventually acquitted in the Senate, down partisan lines, there were many Democrats that initially voted for an Impeachment Inquiry.

It should frighten every citizen, regardless of party, that a majority of one house or the other could join together to attempt to oust any sitting president using very flimsy charges. I've written extensively about doors opened by the government that can never be closed, (allowing the government to spy on its citizens in the name of security, imposing fines on its citizens , forcing them to enter a private market, etc) this was one of those doors that should not have been opened and will have a dangerous effect on future presidencies. You can rest assured that we will see many Presidents begin to be impeached for questionable offenses. Remember, all that an Impeachment is, is a formal charge. This does not mean that those impeached will be found guilty in a trial. Because one is charged, it does not equal guilt. What this Impeachment did do however is increase the popularity of President Trump and rally his base, as well as other people who were able to see through the theatrics. When CNN ( a very biased media outlet) has to post a story detailing how most polls show dwindling support for “Impeach and Remove” and President Trump's approval rating going up multiple points, you know that the DNC may have overplayed their hand, and that they may have a problem on their hands.

As much as some citizens can not stand Donald Trump being their President, the actions by the DNC have assured that he will be their president for another 5 years, just as Clinton’s popularity was unscathed by his impeachment and trial.

I do think that Democrats had good chances to rid themselves from President Trump, as a result of the 2020 elections, had they just stuck to showcasing the Presidents extremely flawed personality, and character, something that Democrat, as well as , Republican supporters can agree on.

House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi warned her party against Impeachment, cautioning that it could amp up support for the President, knowing that any impeachment would be dead in the water once it went to the Republican Majority Senate, yet she caved to her more leftist colleagues, and now, as a result, the fruition of her warnings are taking place. .

I followed the whole procedure closely and with lots of interest, and as little support as most American have for this congress, there are actually hand fulls of good representatives in both parties that I really respect, I expected everything that has happened, to happen. I believe that the Democrats should have impeached on grounds of Obstruction of the Russia Collusion investigation. I do think there was a Quid Pro Quo from the president in his call to Ukraine officials, but I do not think this was worth an Impeachment hearing that would cause so much divide in this country, taking into account that his actions really did not threaten the welfare and security of this country and its people. I suppose that people can argue that it undermines our election process and its ethics and if in fact this Quid Pro Quo did not involve the exposure of abuses of power by The Vice President Joe Biden, it would be a justifiable argument.

Luckily, our founding fathers had the foresight to see that. "... even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny " and made sure that they installed a separation of power, so that one Majority in a Branch can not rule above the other.So in the end, The President of the United States has been Impeached by the Democrat controlled House and will ultimately be acquitted in the Republican controlled Senate. I predict that the President will win the 2020 elections by an even greater margin than the 2016 elections and that, IF the Democrats control the House in his second term, he will be impeached again.

I am more than sure that many will read this blog post and determine that it is and I am a Pro Trump person. Well you all can eat a bag of dicks, because you are stupid and should be beat in the head with a tack hammer.

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