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Days are Forgotten - Kasabian
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May 31, 2020

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March 14, 2018

So my 12 year old came home with a note from school saying that their school was participating in a national 17 minute walkout "in remembrance of the slain parkland students" and they were asking for parents to give permission.........

Funny wording isn't it? Just so ha...

February 8, 2018

Okay, what I have to say right now is going to ruffle a lot of feathers, Especially because this is an ongoing and very controversial subject in America right now.  First I want my readers to understand that what I am about to say does not come from a place of hatred o...

February 5, 2018

The article posted by the New Yorker today was an interview with Jennifer Mendelsohn, which began researching the genealogy of know contestants of certain immigration laws. Her research dug back into the ancestry of her targets and points out what may be determined to...

January 30, 2018

So a group of Senators and lawmakers have decided to skip the State of the Union, scheduled to take place on January 30,2018. The list includesRep. Earl Blumenauer of Oregon,Rep. John Lewis of Georgia,Rep. Pramila Jayapal of Washington,Rep. Barbara Lee of California,Re...

January 12, 2018

Since the whole "Shit-hole" comment was supposedly leaked to the  WashPost by "aides briefed on the meeting"  There have been lots of  speculation about what the President said and what context he was possibly referring to.

Let's start with the WashPost who ha...