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I have never given too much thought to dreams. I have always considered dreams to be the filing cabinet of the subconscious, reviewing the events of daily activities. To me, it’s as if they all get thrown into this pile and transformed into a fantasy. I do however believe that this fantasy has the power to show you something that you may have missed during the hustle of everyday life. For this reason I always make an attempt to review my dreams and try to find anything I had previously thought to be unimportant before but apparently my subconscious found it important enough to bring back to my attention. The dream I had last night was different. I am usually very good at breaking apart my dreams but this one kind of left me feeling uneasy and I’m not sure why. It is fair to mention that this morning while on my way to my first job, A teenager on a bike made a hard turn in front of my car as I was also making a right turn and even though I slammed on my breaks, I made contact with his rear tire; not enough to hurt him but enough to make him lose his balance. I made sure he was ok and no damage was done to his bike before I moved on. I don’t know how relevant this was, since it happened after the dream. Either way…..


I was walking down an alley interviewing for a job  when suddenly my wife appeared screaming that there was a  baby laying in the alley.  As I ran to my wife’s side, she screamed again that it had stopped breathing. I looked down and saw a black baby. It's face had began to turn pale. "No!" I shrieked. I crouched over. "Please let this work." I said to myself as I began performing CPR. the baby began to breathe again. I got on my phone and called an Ambulance.  While still on the phone with the operator,  I walked to the main street to wait for them. Again, I asked them to hurry but suddenly I heard the ambulance approach at the alley. I ran back and saw a man being assisted into the back of the ambulance.  I looked at him and he looked at me. "I'm sorry but I'm sick and I can't look after it." He said.


"So you throw it away as if it was trash!?" I lectured.

The man looked at me with his hands stretched out, as if asking for his baby back. The paramedics loaded him into the Ambulance and began to drive down into the dark alley.


As I turned around I noticed the baby was gone. I looked around frantically for it. I turned and saw my brother standing next to me . "Dude, where's the baby? " I asked.


"I gave it back to the man. It was his baby." he replied


"You gave it back to him!? He threw it away! He let it die!" I screamed. I shoved my brother out of the way and began to chase the ambulance down the alley. Tears filled my eyes as I chased as hard as I could. The alley Began getting darker and obstacles started to appear as the lights from the ambulance slowly dimmed into the darkness. Still, I chased into the alley. Harder and harder I ran after the vehicle, even though I could no longer see it. The alley grew darker and darker but still  I ran and crawled through pipes and garbage until finally, I got to a clearing. I was underground looking up through plexiglass under  a busy walkway.  People were walking over me just going about their days. I beat my fists against the glass to get their attention. "I'm trapped!" I yelled but no one heard. Finally I sat down. I was trapped in this dark space and a feeling of defeat came over me. So  there I sat, looking up into the sunny sky's as the world walked and continue around me...... there I sat and there I stayed .



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