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My Dearest Cancer

My love, my Cancer,  share what’s on your mind. She smiles and turns and tells me that she’s fine. My Love, my life, your eyes tell me you’re not. She says she’s okay and continues deep in thought.


I sit and I stare and wonder why she hides. I sit and stare  but i’d dare not cross the line.

I wish she could tell me how she really feels. Pretending I read minds causes only spinning wheels.


Her silence leaves me anxious that I'm just not what she wants. Is she passive pushing me away with her speechless taunts.


If she could only trust in me, confide in me her fears, I can take away all her pains, and dry up all her tears

but deep inside she keeps her aches pretending there is none and despite my true sincerity she speaks in scripted tongues.


So here we sit in solitude, together yet apart, and though she'll never give me trust, I still give her my heart

and by her side I'll choose to stay no matter her recluse and accept the smile upon her face knowing it's a ruse cause though she sits in loneliness she chose to sit with me, and though inside she feels alone, alone she'll never be.

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