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Gravity - A PErfect Circle

The Calamity



Like the oak you stood majestic and strong hiding the roots which give you life within.

Spring dew the only nourishment you allowed.

Beware the Autum rain, it washes the topsoil away.

Then. Whispers.



Close your eyes. Hold on to your traditions. Deny the blasphemous fire. 

Look away from the catalystic flames.

Dig out the embers.






Open your fists.

View all that is left.



Dogmatic dreams turn Socratic nightmares and you're cast onto secluded shores.

As you sit and watch your world crumble to silent intervention,

your universe unfolds.


There is no single road. There is no one truth

and as a prophet once said about all we see or 've seen

you sit up on your bed and watch as the world still sleeps.

but now is not their time.


And now as the oak you stand, ravaged and charred

with the reflection of the rain and fire nestled within your eyes

and though the whispers now are gone, the message remains

and with it...


The Calamity



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