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The Selfish Man

For many years I've carried , as much as I can hold  but I can never come to  share it. It's mine and all mine.


No one wants it anyways. No one ever  needs it, so I never need to share it.  It's mine and all mine.


It won't help your life, It won't make you rich. You can't eat it or sell it.  Why would you even want it? it's mine all mine.


It won't entertain you. It'll only drag you down. You can't drive it or show it off. You'll never, ever need it, it's mine all mine.


It stays close to my side and I make sure only I know it's there. I won't let you see it or hear it or touch it. It's mine, all mine.


I'll continue on my day, with a smile on my face. I’ll joke around and play like it's never even there.  you'll never have a clue . It's mine, all mine.


Sometimes I work as hard as I can and stay busy the whole day trying to  forget I even  have it.  I'll work myself to sleep because if I don't , I'll stay awake with it. I'll stay with it  all night, while everyone else is asleep. It's mine…….. all mine.


When I can't hide it any longer, I go where no one can see.  I take it out.  Everyone is gone, no one is around. I'll check twice to make sure.  No one can see it. No one can hear it. No one can touch it.  I'll sit alone with it. I'll stare at it and let it stare back at me. Only me and no one else.


You don't want this, you don't need this. It won't help you, it won't make your life better. It's mine…... All mine.


If by chance you think you may have seen it.  please don't think to ask. I'll deny it till the death. You're crazy. You're seeing things. You're chasing ghosts. There's  nothing to see here, move along.


You may want to call me selfish. You may want to call me a child. I won't hold it against you. You're right. This I won’t share. I will never share!  It'll do you no good! It won't fix anything for you!  It won't fix anything at all!  It's mine and only mine to bare! It's mine and only mine to handle!  It's mine and only mine to deal with!  I will keep it close to me, where you will never ever find it.


I've had it for years without anyone ever knowing!  I'll keep it for many more. I'll smile, I'll work, I'll carry on with my life.  It'll remain within, in the darkest part of my soul. I can handle what I carry. I can handle it better than you!


I'm not the only one, many, many more carry what I  have but they in no way can handle it alone. . They need to share it with everyone. They share it so much, others take it home with them and let it  becomes their own. I can't, I won't do that! I can't  ever do that! It's not yours! It's mine!


I'll keep it so you don't have to 
It's mine and only mine and I will never share.

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