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Hit me with everything you got and I'll stand there and grin. I'm obviously a sucker for abuse.
I may not prevail and I may not win but I sure won't fall or,  recluse.

So grab your pin and pierce my skin, I'm here for you to use, just take your time, I'll ease your mind.I have no soul to lose;


Just a fluffy mass of strings and rags, and a smile not meant to ruse.

I'll take your pains, I'll  take your fears; your accusations if you choose.


Are you insecure or even sure of why you stab, or bruise.

don’t be afraid, to come again, no need to have a truce.


I’ll be your foe, I’ll be your friend, Your frustrations I effuse.

I’m here to solve your whine, your crime, won’t challenge your virtues.


Or just stab away if you so please. Don’t mind the queues of slews

I will not retreat or will I  retire, no reasons or excuse.


until you feel right, I’ll stay plain in sight, I’ll gladly pay my dues.

Your venom is safe, your treasures in place, these lips aren't meant for spews.


Your Pin Cushion, traduce.


Your happiness induced.

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