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"Stand. Stand for what's right, even if you're standing alone.


Fight. Fight for what's right, even if it's against an army.


Don't be afraid. Truth is with you and there could never be a more just cause. There could never be a stronger weapon than the pursuit of truth and logic. You are no criminal! You are no radical!


We were born to be passionate. We were born to be rebellious. We were born to be free but somewhere along the way we settled. We became comfortable with our freedom and consumed by our vices. We allowed the kings of our forefathers the retake their golden thrones and regain their empire. We allowed ourselves back into servitude. Slaving to make our masters rich for the pennies they throw at us from their towers of riches.  Our liberties were taken for granted and they were lost. We allowed those blind to their chains lead and we have been lead to the cliff.


but there is one… who stopped before being pushed over the edge. He wipes his eyes and looks into the darkness. He sees.

It is you.


The alarm has sounded and you are awake. You are the hero that has seen behind the curtain. You are the patriot with your fists wide in the air filling your lungs with the breath of freedom and exhaling the screams of rebellion.

If you fall, stand up. If you fail, try again. Inspire! Inspire those huddled in the masses. Give courage! Courage to those who feel they are alone. Who see the wrong, who feel the anger. Help them unite!


Stand!Stand for what's right, even if you stand alone and you will soon see others standing behind you!


Fight!Fight for what's right, even if it's against an army and soon you will see, you have an army of your own!"


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