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Odd Ball

In a crowd of fools with eyes wide open , I walk the world with eyes closed tight. Their pointed fingers gently guide me, Their taunts in my ears give me sight.


My Silence translated as psychotic perceptions. A mind trapped in revelry or out of this time.   attempted rebuilding of worlds long forgotten, 

from broken pieces that were left behind.


So here I walk in wonder in the quiet of the dark ,

 Is society I live with, A life boat or a shark?

Is religion even worth the sacrifice and pain?

Is faith  even  real , if only doubt is on the brain. 


Is my head my sanitarium,  as says the ones leading my way? is it odd that I would gleefully prolong my padded stay? Am I really how they see me, am I the man who’s not in right ?Are the fools outside reality and I without the sight ?


But what is sight if we don’t see?

What is touch is we can’t feel? 

Are we slaves or are we free? 

Will they save orwill they kill? 


 So here on my path ,

 I guess I will remain 

Staring happily outside at those considered sane. 

And the query that I leave 

So happy  in your care

 since it is  your sight that’s guiding me 

I only think it fair.  


Since reality and perception is like the world looking through glass  

Am I the mad protected from  the normal, 

or the normal from the mad?

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