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Giving up is easy. That's why so many people do it.


I know sometimes you get tired. I know sometimes you exhaust yourself to the point where you feel like you just can not give any more. You feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders and you can no longer move and it becomes hard to breathe. You feel hopeless. You feel alone. Trapped in your own mind because you don't dare show the world that you've had enough.


I know.


I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your face and while the rest of your audience sees confidence and control, I see fear and desperation.


I know...


but Giving up is easy. That's why so many people do it. Daily, I see those that have settled for doing nothing. Daily, I walk passed those who have decided to give up; decided to blame others for their shortcomings. Daily, I see the huddled groups who opted out for excuses. Those who gave up their dreams and aspirations and their happiness because it all became "just too hard".


I know....


Giving up is easy but Standing up and moving on however, that takes courage. That takes strength! Realizing that that you still have more to give, Understanding that with each failure a lesson is learned, that with each shortcoming, an opportunity to try something new has presented itself,that takes guts! That is a quality that is becoming scarce in this ever more cruel world. Looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself that with every passing day, there's a chance to make your life better. That no matter how hard life hits you, you will continue to stand up and take a step forward.....because if you're not moving forward in life, then there's no point to continue it at all.


I know!


I know you have it in you. I believe we all have it in us to change our futures. I know there is still a bit of fight left in even the biggest pessimist. I know! I can see it! I see the fire in your tired eyes! I see that there is still more to give! I see that you are by no means done! I know! Yes, you are tired. Yes you are sore and battered but you are not beaten! I see the strength returning to your muscles. I see the blood pumping through your veins. I see your ambition and hope return to your body. I see your thoughts of your family. I see your thoughts of your happiness. I see all the reasons you give yourself to move on! Hell, the excitment and mystery of a new day is reason enough to get you going!

It's time!


No Excuses! No fear! You're ready!.. stand up!... Go!


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