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May 31, 2020

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May 21, 2020

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May 9, 2020

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January 13, 2015













"Newspaper’s 5 Words Sum Up What World Thinks About Obama’s Failure to Show Up to Freedom March"as appeared on The Daily News



I see many people are getting up in arms today about the absence of the U.S. leaders at this “ Cry to Freedom Rally” that took place in Paris on Sunday in response to the terrorist attacks at the satirical French newspaper “Charlie Hebdo”. Apparently the US Ambassador to France, Jane Hartley wasn’t enough.




I have a couple opinions on this. First, The wording on the headline to the  New York’s Hometown News Paper the “Daily News”. “YOU LET THE WORLD DOWN!” 


 Give Me . A.  Fucking Break! 


We were about fighting terrorists before it was a fad! Let’s not forget who was the first country that made the real effort to combat this radical ideology. Lets not forget the country that took  the majority of the economic impact of this war on Terror and lets defiantly not forget the countless numbers of American troops that were maimed or killed, never being able to reunite with their families for fighting for this cause. Who led the Resistance?! Who’s done more in the effort to battle their ideology?!  But, “let the world down”? Why?  because we didn’t show up to a fucking march!? Come on man!


I think the phrasing to this paper as well as the barrage of criticism coming from this administrations counterparts are a bit extreme. I understand that France had a horrific attack on innocent people and their freedoms of expression. I understand  with these atrocious acts, they want to get their friends together and go kick these bullies asses. I understand this because these things happened to us!  Yet I don’t remember any leaders of other nations coming to marches in America. Aside from their politically obligated public addresses expressing their condolences and/or condemnation, I don’t remember too many actions by foreign leaders in response to 911 or any other terrorist attacks to the United States, as a matter of fact. I do , however remember the resistance we had from the United Nations when we wanted to retaliate against said terrorists and those who harbored them but THAT’S non of my business.


Now, I know that there were a bunch of leaders from  other nations that attended the rally but lets think about it, they were already there for an anti-terror summit. I’m more than sure that if there would not have been a summit, the majority of these leaders would have also been a no show. Having said that. I do find it odd that the president or that  oaf Bidden didn’t think it a good idea to attend the Anti-terror  Summit, America being the country who led the way in this resistance. I know if I had led a resistance with some success I would quickly jump at a chance to build a better foundation of friendship and share our tactics with my allies who are  facing similar threats.  I understand we sent The Attorney General Eric Holder  but if I was in this position of power and was voted by the people of this country to be the leader of the free world, then God Damn it, I would Lead and look for ANY opportunity to show my leadership skills! Well, that’s just me though and  I can’t hold other people to the same standards that I hold myself to.


Anyways, the excuse that was given  for the president to not attend  these events was that the secret service wouldn’t have had time to get the proper securities in place for the summit and the rally. Again,  there has got to come a time when the President of the United States, the Leader of  this so called “Greatest Nation on  Earth”  pulls up his big boy pants, saves his little one liners to the press and act according to his morals and position, regardless of the consequence. Cowering in the White House over the weekend, because you couldn’t get the proper security, while the rest of the world  is finally attempting to show some unity and solidarity,  including the leaders of other Nations(Who obviously didn't have a problem with the amount of their security) for a cause your country led the way in does NOT  give the image of leadership or power. In short, you looked like a  puntang



 Now, for the conspiracy theorists who have been claiming that The President purposely missed the summit and rally because of his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Though I will admit to myself having some suspicion towards the actions of the President in relation to these theories, my advice to you is that  if you want people to take you serious when going on a rant about the presidents so called ties to radical ideologies, other than those originating in our politcal systems, it’s not a good idea to make these claims without having some sort of explanation or occurrences that supports your claims. Furthermore, for a liberal to say something like “ Conservatives wouldn’t even care about an attack on a left-winged, religion hating satirical news paper if it wasn’t just another  chance to attack the president” is ignorant and arrogant .Come on! That’s just your mindless scripted ideological side talking


The fact is, that regardless of this papers  party affiliations ,  religious beliefs or lack there of,  there was an attack on freedoms costing the lives of the innocent people expressing them. The lives lost and the attack on freedoms is something that will greatly affect the minds of ALL Americans,  as well as all the citizens of the world.


Lastly. I don’t care too much that the President or any higher ranking Government official like Biden or Kerry didn’t attend the march. I do somewhat however think our administration missed a chance to strengthen ties with our allies and show leadership at a summit featuring a topic our country knows a lot about. I get that people are going to have their opinions on this subject as I do. I just ask that those that make their opinions public give greater thought to what they say and look at things through more angles than their  blind ideological rubbish.  Finally, I 100% disagree with the headline in the Daily News. To make a stupid statement like  “We let the world down” for missing a march in another country, when we have spent the last 12 years being the biggest factors in the fight against terrorist ideologies is just ignorant and wrong, especially when these claims are coming from our very own country. 


Shame on You!








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