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The Real Irony.

I think, though this image was surly used to incite knee-jerk reactions from climate deniers, It also presents more , deeper, levels of irony

This image provoked thoughts of how Ingrained our routines really are, how out of touch mainstream media and Society in general are with Reality, even to those who champion themselves as heroes to their causes.

Greta Thunberg sailed to the U.S. on a high tech, 0 emission Sailboat to conserve energy for her now Historic Presentation at the U.N. The Sponsor of the High Tech Boat, A Monacan Royal, had 2 crews flown across the Atlantic, to the U.S. to Sail the boat back. John Kerry , the Chief of the President's Special Envoy for the Climate just flew to Iceland on his Private Jet to receive an Award for Climate Leadership saying, "it was the only choice for somebody like me" The batteries used by Electric Cars are partially made with Lithium which mining creates not only Water Pollution and Chemical Poisoning of workers and aquatic life, it also requires lots of land to mine for it.

Though I agree that the impact Humans are making on the environment is real I also think that to reduce our imprint on the planet will take more than just pandering from world governments that are unwilling to make personal sacrifices and which creates a wonderful opportunity for them to launder billions of tax payer money and demand new unimaginable power via policies like The Paris Accord and the increasingly popular "Green New Deal" which will never address the real problem, consumption.

If society really wants change, it will require societal personal sacrifices, because the reality is, though one can debate for/against humanity's influence on climate change, one can not debate Humanity's influence on production through consumption and there will always be a need to produce more than we consume.

So this crisis becomes a matter of how much responsibility the individual is willing to hold themselves to change the environment because Virtues are usually only as strong as Convenience.

Personally, whether one calls it Pantheism , Monism, The Butterfly Affect or whatever else you want ; I don't like Labels, I believe we are all one and every and any actions by any one of us has a direct affect on their surroundings, which means that there is no way that we are not affecting our planet. I suppose the real debate would be how drastically these affects are, but in my opinion, one doesn't have to believe in man made climate change to believe in Pollution and Nature ,and understand that no one really prefers to live in garbage over Nature.

Don't be afraid, that ringing you're hearing in your ears is just a bit of

Brayn Noise.