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Toilet Thoughts #10

Via: Bryan Luchene-Contributor

Editing by Bryan Noise

So as I was sitting on the pot today, the theme song to The Dukes of Hazard popped into my head so naturally, I started thinking about the show. A Couple of things came to mind that I had not considered before.

First is the Car, The General Lee. It is perhaps one of the most iconic car to have ever graced television. It was the Orange '69 Dodge Charger that is best remembered from the show, Well, The car and the Daisy Dukes at least. On the hood of the car was a huge Confederate Flag.

Now, I know it holds a lot of meaning to those in the south so I understand why it was used on the show but what I fail to understand is why it holds so much value. If one were to ask any person who feels the need to display the flag, I'm sure you would get some garbage about their personal freedoms of speech and expressions, though I support those rights, if you were to take a step back and think about the "Personal Freedoms" the confederates fought for then the term would become an oxymoron. That mentality was not only misguided back then but it is still a slap in the face to ANY freedom loving American, not to mention , overly racist in nature.

Which brings me to my second thought. The second thing that popped in my head while still sitting on the throne was the hypocrisy that follows the genre of today's Television "Urban Lifestyle" Themed shows. The most used complaints "Whites" have against minorities is the violence in nature that the Urban Cultures seem to support, with shows like "Empire" on Fox taking some of the most frequent criticism, yet people fail to view the plethora of examples of White Icons that ranged from reluctant outlaws to all out criminals. Lets me go back to The Dukes of Hazard, The whole show was about two young men from the south that were running an illegal bootlegging operation and who spend the entire show running from the cops and creating havoc along the way. True, it was entertaining to watch but this just goes to support my point.

We've created a whole genre of movies that glorify villainous people. We have also canonized some real historic figures that made careers of theft and murder such as Bonnie and Clyde and John Dillinger .

I understand the appeal of those lifestyles for the use of drama in television but the hero status some of these people have enjoyed(most posthumously) is ridiculous in context considering the criticism we throw out to shows featuring the urban lifestyles.

In my humble opinion, It is an example of white hypocrisy.

By: Bryan Luchene (Contributor)

On a personal Bryan Noise note: I agree mostly with this rant. I do think it's hypocritical of anybody negatively criticizing a show and the lifestyles they glorify without first looking back at the content of the shows they are entertained by. I however do think that those who enjoy fully in any lifestyles that popularize and glorify the use of drugs, violence and gang and criminal activity do not take the offense that they often do when they are portrayed and stereotyped by others while expressing either by dress or actions those particular lifestyles they imitate.

All in all however, great potty time rant!

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