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Stop the Hate, Don't Debate

I have really tried to stop debating or arguing with people, unfortunately, that doesn't mean that people have stopped trying to debate and argue with me.

There is a very special point in a debate where you call out a Republican for using the same generalizations, ignorance and argument tactics they bitch the most about their democrat counterparts. After the name calling starts, I just sit back and smile in sweet victory while they continue to attempt to antagonize me to responding to their childlike antics

Ignorance, Pseudo-Truths, name calling, rhetoric. These are not tactics only used by one side of a political party in America. These are tactics used by all Ideologues be it politics, business, religion or anybody who holds unrealistic bonds to their beliefs.

Want to avoid becoming one of these tools? Stop debating! Opt out for a Conversation instead. Go into any conversation with the purpose of NOT trying to change the mind of your partner and have the courage to Challenge your own convictions. Remember that “ It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it” Aristotle

Dare to take a walk along the beaches of a different perception and understand that it is ok to not buy into it or accept it as truth. Remember that truth is only perception and there is room in the universe for two truths or even hundreds of truths. The world, the universe and even our own history is a real and fantastic mystery. We are at a special point in our existence where we are discovering new truths about all we’ve thought we knew about our planet, our galaxy and our pasts. We are becoming awakened by the power each individual holds and the power they hold as a unit. We are understanding that the mind has the means to controlling every aspects of our universe and that the energy we put out is the same as we get back.

However, like every movement in history, there is resistance. There are those who still see things in black and white. Those who continue to hold on to their “truths”, their “beliefs” with violent force. Those who will lure you into their hate and their ignorance with debate and arguments. Those that do not understand the meaning of perception. Those who do not want to change. The thought of having all they’ve ever held true be questioned is frightening, it’s nightmarish and even the possibility of having one of their beliefs proven wrong will crumble their entire lives entirely.

I've seen this. I’ve seen what happens to these people but you can avoid it by beginning to separate yourself from your convictions and accept the possibility of something else. You will begin to feel the freedom this kind of thinking brings to you. You begin to see the absurdity in those around you that are unable to let go. You begin to experience new emotions and ties to your fellow man and begin to understand the purpose behind the influence of having man hold such strong “truths” The reason those in power want to separate us. Republican, Democrat, Christian, Muslim, Capitalist, Middle Class, Upper Class, Black, White, Brown, Blue, Green… doesn’t fucking matter!

We all belong to the human race. We are all living in this miracle of a planet. We have been chosen by whatever Catalyst you choose to acknowledge to be on this world. This Eden floating in a vast dark universe.

Stop! Force yourself free from these ties. Realize how special it is to be human and show other people how special they are and who the real enemy is, those who keep us from loving each other.

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