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Excited for Nothing.

As I read post around the internet and listen to people speak, there are so many people who are genuinely excited to vote for their candidate of choice. Mostly Bernie and Trump supporters, and here I am frustrated and anxious to cast a vote, if I cast one at all. The problem with me is not that I am ignorant of the candidates or the electoral process. The problem is that I am too aware of both.

I do not understand how anybody can be so excited to vote in representatives that have the power to control important aspects to your life. Some people will argue that the president doesn't matter and that it's congress that do the controlling, which is mostly true however, when Any president has the power to Executive Order and uses it to pass major laws like the A.C.A. and the Stay Act, one starts fearing their power even more.

Every election year however, we get the same actions and criticisms. The Democrats choose their "Savior" and cast the Republican candidate as a "Racist" or a "capitalist pig" and if the Republican wins, WWIII is going to happen. The republican casts the Democrat as wanting to create a welfare state with more entitlements and wants to destroy the military. It's the same damn thing every election year.

There will never be the perfect candidate and one will always be forced to vote for who they consider the less evil but then you will have to consider the scary realization that campaign promises may have just been pandering, that statistics and figures may have been deliberately vague or all out false. There is many ways that the person you voted for can have a negative impact to your life and the lives of all Americans and to me, to be completely excited to cast a vote for your candidate is a potentially dangerous feeling. This seems like the feeling of blind faith, typical to idealism and that can not be a good thing.

I may cast a vote, I may not but if I do, I can assure you that I will not be running to the voters booth as excited as it seems some of my fellow citizens are.