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Like or Don't Like, It's your Life

Are Website Facebook pages about Likes or about Interest? I've been on a blog boost page site that I thought was just a spot to share blog posts and maybe gain some interest. The page says don't do "Like for Like" but people still do anyways. Not all but many do. What's the point of Like for Like? You tend to Like pages that you have no interest in and in return get Likes on your page from people who will never interact or are even really interested in what you are sharing.

I understand the necessity of putting your page out there but how would one know if there truly is no interest in what you sharing or if there is an abundance of it if people are just blindly Liking your page? In my opinion, Your Blog should be for you and when you share it with the world , it should be to gather those with similar interests. Whether it's just a handful or a thousand people, They are there for your words, opinions, or services. I suppose though it really is about the context of your blogs but unless you are selling something, I don’t see the point of L4L

Admittedly, I've commented and have even Liked a couple of pages , but only those that have gained my interest, I just hope that none of them feel the need to Like my Page back. No need to do that. I want people who Like , Comment and Share with me and contribute to my ever expanding perceptions.

I am happy with the people that have been drawn to my site. At least I have an understanding that those who have visited me are taking something from it, whether it's some sort of wisdom, perception or entertainment. I know they here out of their own choosing.

I know I'm a mess of a brayn and the topics that float around up there are completely sporadic , but really, who's brayn isn't? Thank you to all who have liked my page. I hope you can continue to gain something from my ramblings, and if not; if you decide to move along a different path, I'll hope for nothing but Health, Wealth and happiness for you.

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