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You Think, I Think

You think Americans do not like Mexicans or Immigrants?

I think you're either naive or stupid

You think they don't like refugees or lack empathy?

I think they do, in fact, care, just as they do their families, neighbors and country , but they also understand the need for safeguards.

You think Stopping a human heart is okay?

I think you're selfish and soulless.

You think America has no faults?

I think you're naive

You think party politics is acceptable?

I think you're indoctrinated

You think erasing our past will protect you're future?

I think you have no foresight.

You think more Government power is the answer to your problems ?

I think you don't know what freedom is

You think all cops are great human beings?

I think they are people and just like we have good ones, we also have bad ones.

You think people need to "just get over" slavery?

I think you have no acceptance for historic atrocities. Do we tell Jewish people to get over the Holocaust or Americans to get over 9/11?

You think all homeless are lazy?

I think you're too presumptuous.

You think guilting others for the wrongs of the past will fix your future .

I think You have no Logic.

You think you're an Empath?

I think you may have deep rooted depression

You think America is evil, unjust, and wrong.

I think you should be living somewhere with the morals, virtues, values and lifestyles you believe in.

You think people can not change?

I think you have no faith.

You think our country is the greatest?

I think we are a constant work in progress.

You think others opinions don't matter?

I think you're part of everything wrong in our world

You think people with less money are beneath you?

I think you're lonely

You think hurting others is fun?

I think you're a piece of shit.

You think we don't have a right to defend ourselves from our government?

I think you don't understand history

You think the world is too fucked up to fix?

I think you have no imagination

You think people don't deserve rights because they do not fit into a neat little box?

I think you don't know the first thing about being a human being

You think more laws will make us more tolerant and more equal

I think equality and tolerance have to come from within. Laws only serve the purpose of control.

You think humanity deserves extinction?

I think you have no hope.

You think one person can not change the world?

I think you're wrong.

You think you know me?

I may just.

You think........I think.......You think.......I think........ and that's okay.

We all have thoughts, we all have judgements but it is our actions that make us. How we treat each other regardless of our disapproval, our disagreements. I may not agree with your thinking but I will not treat you any different than the next person. Character is what's important to me.