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Sorry if people feel offended because I don’t feel the need to publicly address every tragedy that happens around the world. Rest easy however knowing that most people don’t. The majority of the tragedies that happen around the world are very rarely talked about or publicized, yet some people seem to cause a big stink over someone else not jumping on the “prayers for________” train.

Why do we pick and choose which ones we acknowledge? Is it our choice at all or chosen occurrences deliberately pushed in front of our faces? Are we told to acknowledge some and not others for political purposes?

Yes, I do feel for the people slain in Manchester. Some of those injured and maimed were children who wanted nothing more than to see an entertainer perform. No one wants to feel unsafe.No one wants to feel frightened. No one wants to have to look over their shoulders or judge other people's intentions everywhere they go. This is the real terror being perpetrated by the radicalized ideologues and though in this case and lots of the ones publicized the last decade have been at the hands of radicalized Islamist, it is radicalized ideologues that have caused all the problems in this world. Those who can not possibly accept a world where people believe a reality that does not agree with theirs. Governments, Religions, Social and Financial elitists. They are the ones who spread hate and fear and soon enough spread violence.

Republicans and Democrats in this country are no different. The Separation of Powers and with it, the introduction of political party was necessary to bring balance to this country. It was created so that not one ideology would rule. It was never meant for one ideology to rule, which is why we have elections, yet the constant pursuit of power by the Party Loyalists and Career politicians have created a hate for each other that was never necessary, this hate has been fueled by misinformation, propaganda and lies, and as we have begun to see in recent years this hate is beginning to manifest into violence. It will not be long before terror occurrences in this country will be mostly at the hands of “Radicalized Republicans or Democrats” ( not omitting those few in the past that actually have been credited to radicalized Reps or Dems)

The point is that I very much feel for those who suffer because of the acts of those who can not accept a difference of opinion, a difference of lifestyles, a difference of reality, but I find it very hard to single out one out of the millions of atrocities that happen globally, on a daily basis because it has become a hashtag. I feel for those affected in Manchester, but I also feel for those who suffer through an oppressive government on a daily basis. I feel for those who are suffering and dying in Syria, in Egypt. I feel for the women being mutilated because of some obscure religious practice. I feel for homosexuals being thrown off buildings in the Middle East. I feel for the Japanese committing suicide by the thousands, I feel for the N. Koreans being starved by a nutcase adolescent. I feel for the Chinese citizens who are not allowed to publicly practice their religion. I feel for the thousands of homeless American Veterans. I feel for the thousands of starving children in this country and around the world. For those in Venezuela who are in terror because they are uncertain of the fate that will be granted unto them by their government. I feel for the citizens of Mexico who have suffered through the horrors of Cartel Violence. I feel for those scared in our own country, scared of the police, scared of immigration, scared of judgement, scared for the safety and health of their children, scared of our overbearing and increasingly oppressive government. I feel for my family and friends who are finding it hard to believe that better days are on the way, who are losing hope in their futures. I feel for the world that can not focus on anything other than the lies and hatred being shared to them by the media and politicians and I feel for all who do not understand yet that personal happiness can not be affected by outside influences. Those who are slowly sinking into the darkness of idealism and those who are deliberately moving further from personal freedom.

I feel ,indeed ,and though I may not publicly react to a chosen occurrence when it becomes some sort of socially recognized tragedy, the injustices of the world casts a weight on me and it takes a while for me to recenter myself and remind myself that change starts with me. I will love my family and I will love my neighbors. I will do what I can to be a positive influence to my community. I will protect those who cannot protect themselves and I will stand up to those who can not see past the walls of their ideals or anyone who opposes the personal freedoms for all and though I am bound and affected by the constraints of today’s world, I will always be hopeful for a greater day for humanity.


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