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Awakening is not Awake.

The problem I have with the people who usually use the #staywoke perception is that they come to believe the possibility, even if it goes against logic, thinking that because one is "woke" the possibility must be the answer because the mainstream explanation has been tainted in some way. This is an incredible logic fail though.

For example, the Ancient Astronaut theory suggests that all ancient marvels must have been completed at the hands of Aliens, because their creation at that time in humanity, can not be currently explained by modern scientists. The #staywoke community goes with the possibility first and Logic second. Logic would suggest that if one pays close enough attention and do the counter research, thee is, not only, no real evidence of ancient astronauts, but with the constant findings and redefining of ancient human knowledge, skill and ingenuity, it is absolutely possible for humans to have completed such feats. Take away time restraints and entertainment distractions, man could find a way to do anything.

The point is that being "Woke" is not a means to believe any and all alternatives, it's the willingness to explore all possibilities and weigh their likeliness out through Logic, Sense and Facts. I have come to find that the #StayWoke community only trade one set of ideals for another, making one no more woke than they were before.

I myself have talked about my Awakening. It was my understanding that there was more to our reality than conventional beliefs. This is not to be confused with thinking that I am "woke". I don't think any one person on this planet has the privilege of this honor. There may be people who are close, but never fully.

This planet and our universe is still a great mystery. Our recorded human history is , and may always be, a mystery. It excites me that our understanding of our pasts are changed yearly and I can hardly wait for the next great discovery. Until then I will study the possibility but not commit to any of them. That's really the point to being "woke", isn't it?

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