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Has BN Gone Trump?

Has Brayn Noise Gone Trump?

I was humored earlier while in the middle of writing an "I hate when Trump" rant when I got a comment about whether I or this page have “gone Trump”. Funny, huh? Going back and checking the content of this page and confirming that it is still as random as I thought. I can only assume that their social site news feed only featured the political posts from Brayn Noise .

Judging from the content on my recent political posts however, I still find it odd that someone would suggest I was being bias towards Trump (Go back and see for yourselves) I will concede that some of the posts are in favor of his decisions and policy, but that is just coincidence. Had it been a different person either ,passing policy I agree with , or making any decisions that improve America while protecting the integrity of the Constitution , I would still agree with them! Still, just like on some of my more recent posts, I have disagreed with decisions and actions made by the Donald. I have also shared very rough opinions and poetry made by others that spite the man.

I have never made it a secret that even though I do not label myself with having any formal ties to any political ideology (Mostly because Reps. are pansies with no conviction , Dems. are psychos with no foresight, and I gave that up years ago) I still lean conservative in many views.

I don't think any of my voices are confused about this. I always try to lean on the side of logic, not that conservatism is completely logical, only that when I do side with logic, people tend to associate my decisions with conservatism ,but I do have many social moderate views. Anyways, My politics is besides the point. The point is that I post almost everything I read and when I find a need to add my own personal opinions, I do so. Yes, there are a lot of politics on my page, but that’s because politics and government are just as important of a topic to me as all other subjects you see on my page. Face it, it’s hard to ignore. There are lots of “goings on” in the world of government and politics.

I do think, however, that even though I have many dislike of POTUS, he’s getting a very raw deal in the MSM. I literally have to go through dozens of sites and filter the good reports and the bad ones because of the obvious biases between media outlets, ( come the fuck on, how can anyone deny this?!) and even though there are plenty of bad decisions that have been made by him and many bad articles written about him, there are also many good ones that are under-reported.

I don't think the bias against our President is against Donald Trump, business man, though, I think it's against Donald Trump, Republican President, meaning, had it been a different republican president, the bias against them in the media and Hollywood would have been EXACTLY the same.

Regardless of all this, I will not censor myself because one thinks I am leaning one way or another or because someone thinks there should be more of one topic or view and less of another. This is not a news media outlet. I am not an entertainment media outlet or a Satire outlet or a parody outlet. This is my brain. These are my opinions. I use as much research and logic as I can while forming them. This is who I am. This is what I see and how I feel. These are my Brayn noises.

Your interpretations of my writing are only a mix of your life's experiences, your perceptions of reality, your ideals and your opinions of me. I have no loyalties to any ideology ( Nationalism, maybe.....'Merica!) I post things I find interesting and get my mind and heart flowing. I am Me. You're here and reading this, not because you agree with me, but because you're interested in what the hell comes out of the static in my mind , because you think I may offer a bit of insight into a topic, because I may offer you a different perspective, or because you think I’m a fool and like to laugh at me

So, the easy answer to whether I or this page has "Gone Trump" is ...

well, that's your decision.

I just keep doing what I do 😉😉💪🤪🤔

Don't be afraid.... That ringing you hear in your ears is just a bit of ...