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Shit-Hole, Shit-Show

Since the whole "Shit-hole" comment was supposedly leaked to the WashPost by "aides briefed on the meeting" There have been lots of speculation about what the President said and what context he was possibly referring to.

Let's start with the WashPost who has an obvious bias and always seem to get defamatory stories on Trump by anonymous sources. It has not been the first time the WP has done this and has had to retract stories in the past, so for me to give any credibility to this news source is not likely.


After interviewing White House spokesperson Raj Shah, there was no denial of having used that term, though he offered a "clarification" on the point. A Yes or No was needed dude, not an opinion on what you think he meant. More questions.

Later Tricky Dick Durbin also came out and confirmed the "rough and vile language" That the president supposedly used, but also made sure to stay vague and also did not come out and say Yes he did say "Why are they coming from Shit-hole countries". If the president said it, say it Durbin! why being so vague and dancing around the words?! Durbin has lied before about closed door administration meetings.

Now a new Politico post reports that a "witness" said

"it was in more general terms than Haiti or Africa. At least it was in context. Sometimes he goes off on things. And he’s very disjointed....." The witnesses recalled Trump saying, “Wait, wait, we’re going to let these people in? Why are we going to let in people from countries that are all destroyed? They’re shit-holes.”

Does this change the context? I'm not so sure. The president has since come out and denied ever using that exact phrase but admits

"The language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used. What was really tough was the outlandish proposal made - a big setback for DACA!"

Unfortunately, we all know that the president comes unhinged when he doesn't get something he wants, in this case the "Solution" to DACA the senators came up with was a lottery based visa reinstatement that the President has, many time, campaigned against. The President of the United States, though I have defended him for being a very capable businessman, has a problem that has never gotten in his way in business, and that's his fucking mouth! In the private sector, he holds all the cards. He has money and power and hundreds of subordinates ready to do what he says, when he says it, but this isn't the GD private sector! This is something that has been and continued to be something that this man does not understand! He has not been, chosen to be the "Boss" of this country. He was chosen to be a leader, an icon , and a representative of the American People all of them! This is the only job that President Trump has ever taken where HE IS NOT THE BOSS!

Whether or not I agree that some of the countries these immigrants are coming from are, in fact, shit-holes, is besides the point. I will not sugar coat things because it may offend people, and though I have not personally seen the countries that are mentioned, I have read enough to know that they are not the best by any standard, however, I am not the leader of the fucking country, and though being the President does not require one to lose his personal opinions, it DOES require him to hold himself to better standards. The President is not selling himself, He selling America!!

To clarify, claiming that the country is a shit-hole does not mean to say that the people are. I work in some pretty bad shit-holes in Chicago. I'm not taking that back at all. They are bad. The roads are bad, the houses are unkempt and falling apart. Garbage literally covers the ground and the crime is through the roof. My criticisms of these parts however does not represent my opinion of the people. I talk to these people almost everyday and they are good people and proud people, and most of the time, they are people who are just stuck, in one way or another.

The biggest problem I have with the President's opinion that we should let in more of one country and less of another is where I have the biggest problem. I don't like the whole "Merit-based" Immigration idea. I understand where it’s coming from though. Countries like Germany, Russia and China all have these policies and are meant to “raise the country” But this does not meet with the philosophy of America and never has. This country was unique because we accepted those who were persecuted and oppressed. Those who were fleeing and looking for a safe space to prosper and raise their children; a place to freely pursue their dreams or at the very least, find employment and live a better life. These were our principals. This was our philosophy, and though I agree that all immigrants should enter our country legally and that Illegal immigration is a problem that needs to be fixed, FOR the benefit of all citizens, natural or immigrated, I don’t agree with cherry picking immigrants and though I also understand the fear of an avalanche of immigrants coming to abuse our welfare system,this has never been a problem with immigrants that come to the U.S. Legally!

In conclusion, The context which was offered by the witness provided in the Politico story does offer a different perspective of the intent, however, he, knowing that these words were going to spark outrage, should have known better. He, being a representative and a face or this country and all American people, should have known better and he, knowing that there are punk ass, loose lipped jackals in his White House that will run to the press at anything that hurt their feelings, should have known better!

I don’t deny The President could have used that criticism. Lets face it, The Trump shoots from the hip and doesn't worry about those offended. Hell, sometimes in the heat of a conversation or debate, I will say things that i don’t remember saying but others are sure I did. This is how passionate people speak and anyone who thinks otherwise either don't have the extreme pleasure of knowing truly passionate people, or are lying about themselves.

The President needs to understand 4 important things.

  1. He’s under a microscope and people are going to exploit and believe any stupid thing he says, regardless of whether he actually said it, because he is prone to saying very stupid things.

  2. He can, very easily, discredit anything positive he does for this country ( and there has been many positives) in the eyes of the citizens and the world by the stupid shit he says!

  3. Currently, He is not the Boss in the private sector, where he can say and do anything he wants with little repercussions. He is The representative of The People of The United States of America and as the representative, we are the Boss , and as he loves to claim that he wants to put “America First” He also needs to put the image of Americans, before his ego, and

  4. When one is asking a lot from a lot of people, they should build a trust. The president needs to understand that trust is not being built right now with many people in this country and even when he seems to be making some progress in this, he quickly ruins it with his mouth. He needs to stop taking things so personally, stop replying to every criticism and just needs to lead with his actions.

All in all, it’s just another day in the Trump Presidency. The Democrats are going to insist he's racist and the Republicans are going to insist he isn't. The Democrats has had little hand in this administration so their only game plan will be to make the president look as bad as they can but he needs to stop helping them out.

In my opinion , his remarks, though polarizing, and assuming he really did say it, were not racisist towards the people but was discriminatory towards the countries from which they come. He did not criticize the people, he criticized the living standards of the countries they live in. This administration, though I think will accomplish much for America's economy, will be known more for the Presidents failures than for his achievements and though, I think, Americans are happiest when they are working, He, as a person, has keeping us as an American Society, in the Shit-Hole, Shit-Show, this country has been in for over a decade., but there's still time...

Update: reported by ABC News

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