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Time in our Memory.

Think back to your childhood. How much did your parents get paid at their jobs? Was the family car up to date with its oil change? Was it paid for or leased? Was it a car of the year or a pre-owned? Think of your home. Was it a rental, was it leased or was it owned? Was the mortgage paid on time every month? Were the bills always paid? Were they late? Where did you shop for clothe? How often did you go out to eat? Were the restaurants expensive?

The point? Adults will most often never remember these things about their childhood. They won't remember because it didn't matter to them as children. What mattered to them was the time they spent with their family and their friends. The good times they had. The goofing around, the talks, the lessons, the hugs, the kisses, the "I love yous". As adults and parents it's easy to lose ourselves in our jobs and our lives. We lose ourselves in our bills and our obligations. We lose oursleves in our endless pursuit of trying to have the very best for our families. We try so hard that we often forget to just be there for them.We forget that these material things don't matter to our kids. What matters is the time we spend with them. That's what they'll always remember about their childhood and what they'll remember about you. Make the most out of the little time you have with your children before their innocence is sacrificed to the cruelty of the world, and remember, it may just be those memories that'll help them get through the rough patches of life.

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