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Pre Judge us not!

Read this article a couple times and don't be triggered by what she's saying, even though the article seem to be trying for this, I took something positive out of this. There is great perspective in her words, admitting her own prejudices and understanding them. In her interview she admitts

"I have to admit I'm guilty to that to a certain degree because I do have my own biases, specifically to blonde women, Blonde hair on white women just triggers me, I've had to catch myself."

Personally, I think about 100% of humans have prejudices and biases. I know I have my own! But seriously, I think it's a natural defense mechanism; for example, I got stung by a Bee, now I dislike Bees. This doesn't mean that every bee I see is going to sting me, but you've already made a decision to stay clear of them. Your brain develops these types of defenses in foresight because of past physical or emotional discomfort, and they can develop, sometimes subconsciously, for many different reasons. Recognising these prejudices is what the key is. Racism and Prejudice are different, IMO. Racism derives from hate, prejudice doesn't. I'm sure we can have a long conversation about this but it seems that in the effort to force inclusiveness, equality or even race relations onto people, we are driving a further divide between us all.

"I got some serious biases and prejudices, myself,I think what crushes me, specifically in my relationship with white women, the thing that really breaks my heart is that white women understand what it feels to be oppressed,"

Honestly, when in human history has forcing people to do things ever turn out well? People have got to want to change to understand they need to change, to change.

We are developing unnecessary prejudice by assuming the prejudices of others and are beginning to avoid conversations altogether, and if we do have conversation, its usually watered down , socially acceptable, conversations instead of just conversing as one human to another.

All throughout my childhood. I do remember experiencing being teased by white women in regards to my hair, how I looked, feeling belittled,

"I was going to do an interview with this blonde woman and I thought twice about it. I thought, 'I don't know if I want to do that.' That was my first instinct because of how she looked! And I was like, 'Oh! That's no different.' That doesn’t give me the right to clump all blonde women in one,"And look at me, I got blonde hair! It's no different than you getting robbed by a black guy once and now you’re saying all black dudes are thieves and dangerous."

In order to change the world we must make a change in ourselfs first, and I think the first and most important change we can make is to stop being so damn sensitive and triggered.

Understand what intention is and why it's important to acknowledge it when speaking to others, or when recognizing our own prejudice and biases. When I have conversations on politics, race, religion or any other touchy subjects with friends, even though we don't agree on certain things, it doesn't cause hate between us, because I know they don't come from a place of hateand they know the same.

Can we just assume the best in all people before assuming the worst when conversing?

"We, even as black women, have to be willing to look at our biases that keep us from being able to bridge the gap,"

( All quotes- Jada Pinkett Smith )

Let's talk with walls down and egos put away. I bet we can have good conversations again.

Don't be afraid.... That ringing you hear in your ears is just a bit of ...


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