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The Awakening Calamity. I am with you.

I have a great deal of sympathy for those who are currently going through an Awakening. Most people are indifferent to them, mostly because they don't understand. Awakenings, before acceptance, and in lots of cases, after, are frightening, confusing, anxiety inducing and guilt ridden occurrences. Imagine the realization that everything you have been taught to believe your whole life may in fact, be wrong. A hole ripped through the fabric of your reality. Life, Government, Politics, Religion, Love, Society; All constructs now made to be reexamined and defined. What's worse, finding out that no one else around you understands how you feel...... or..... in most cases, see you as crazy or out of touch with reality......

I understand. I've been there, and I'll be by your side. When I wrote about my Awakening, I called it "The Calamity" and Calamity is exactly what it is.

"Like the oak you stood majestic and strong hiding the roots which give you life within.

Spring dew the only nourishment you allowed."

In this first verse, I lay out how ones grasp of reality is thought to be so absolute. One is comfortable with their knowledge of the world. They practice a religion, they are a member of a political party and are sure they are in the right and the other, the wrong. They pay their taxes and follow the laws. They went to school, then college, then career, then marriage and children. They go to the Doctors when they are sick and buy their prescriptions drugs when they are told to. They have a firm grip of their day to day life and only , just enough , entertain any thoughts of this reality being different to not alter their routines.

"Beware the Autumn rain, it washes the topsoil away.

Then. Whispers."

But then there is that one thing that skews your vision just long enough to let you experience another reality. One that you were unprepared to see. "The whispers" become questions. Questions about the constructs of your reality. You question your religion, your government, your routines, the foods you eat, the medicines you take, your history, your life, the entire world that has been in front of you you're entire life has become one giant lie.

"close your eyes. Hold on to your traditions. Deny the blasphemous fire.

Look away from the catalystic flames.

Dig out the embers.




Try as hard you will to rebel against your newly found insights, the questions and the longing for the truth will continue to plague you like a ghost begging to be seen. You continue your routine and your life, but the routine becomes emptier. You struggle to keep interest with everything and everyone around you. You begin to feel as if you are a character in a movie rather than a human experiencing life.You begin to feel uneasy about your whole existence. Then. Then you begin to accept the possibility of.....

"Open your fists.

View all that is left.


Dogmatic dreams turn Socratic nightmares and you're cast onto secluded shores.

As you sit and watch your world crumble to silent intervention,

your universe unfolds."

You accept that the world is not how you were taught it was. You accept that there may be more to the reality that is being played in front you. You accept that there is a singularity that is driving the entire planet and everything on it. Soon, you start wondering why you have never been able to feel this before and the life you knew before, your traditions, your beliefs,, your ideals become shadows. Windows to be shattered, one by one, by the stones of questions. Questions! so many questions!

You begin to see everyone you know and every person around you living the life you did, in the reality you knew and suddenly, you feel alone. You try to converse with those close to you but you sound as if you have lost a hold of your reality. Sometimes, you question your own sanity but you dig deeper anyway. You, standing still in a moving crowd, wondering why you were touched with this insight. Who or what chose you to venture off of the beaten path. You accept you gift, and begin your journey, alone.

"There is no single road. There is no one truth

and as a prophet once said about all we see or 've seen

you sit up on your bed and watch as the world still sleeps.

but now is not their time."

You explore and research and learn and unlearn and relearn and question and question and question! Some are answered and some were not meant to but with each curious trip into this unknown you feel more and more free from the confines of your previous reality. With each question answered you feel closer to the singularity and more at ease with your thoughts and understanding of the universe and your place in it. You begin to understand that not everyone is ready to feel this insight.They have not been touched yet and that's okay. You understand that an awakening can not be forced. It must be personal and it must be experienced, in all it's turmoil.

"And now as the oak you stand, ravaged and charred

with the reflection of the rain and fire nestled within your eyes

and though the whispers now are gone, the message remains

and with it...

The Calamity"

You continue on with your life, with your family and your friends. You stand tall with your new perceptions. You have rid yourself of preconceived beliefs and opened yourself up to questioning what has been taught to be the unquestionable. Your core stands firm, but your eyes altered. You have accepted your gift and accepted all that comes with it, knowing that one can never be fully be woke but that an awakening is an ongoing practice, and that those around you who have not experienced this awakening will not understand until they, themselves experience it. You understand the solitude and accept the fact the you wouldn't have changed a thing,

and therein lies your Calamity

Don't be Afraid.

That Ringing you hear in your ears,

Is just a bit of...

Brayn Noise