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Quid Pro Quo! 5 yard Penalty. Repeat 1st Down.

I've been getting asked about my opinion on the Impeachment Inquiry and if I think the President had a Quid Pro Quo with the Ukrainians for not investigating the corruption withing their country and which also implicated , then, Vice President Joe Biden and his Son. Well first, There is more actual proof that Biden abused his Vice Presidency than there is that Trump was intentionally targeting or "Digging up dirt" on Joe.

"Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence. "

Thomas Jefferson

With that being said, Just because Sondland said that the president said No Quid Pro Quo, doesn't mean there wasn't one. Trump made that statement after the Whistle blower complaint. Do I think there was a Quid Pro Quo? Yes. There was, but in this case, intent will have to be the decider for an Impeachment and removal to be imminent.

The president is completely within his right to withhold foreign aid to a country he suspects in corrupt; matter of fact, it is his job to do so.

Joe Biden being a potential presidential candidate does not exempt him from any investigation. So then, the Democrats would have to prove that the Presidents intent was only to single out Joe Biden to hurt his presidential chances and not to weed out corruption in a country that we provide aid to. Did the democrats do this with all the second hand and third hand hearsay that their "witnesses" testified to? Absolutely not. It was the contrary actually. What most of the people with first hand accounts actually testified was that Trump made no more mention of Biden to them or their Ukrainian counterparts. There was no further discussion of Biden by any of them,aside from the only call in question, or at any of the many meetings that followed the call in question. So no, I don't think the Democrats made their case full proof, but this does not mean they are not going to barrel on with the impeachment. That is literally their own hope to not have a Trump 2020 win.

I actually discussed this before. The Democrats have pushed themselves into a corner. They will have to push on with an impeachment or they will lose favor with party loyalists, however this is going to, and is, losing favor with Independents , which they desperately need in order to have any chance at winning the presidency. Secondly, moving the impeachment into the Senate is going to fuck them up royally because this will give the power of subpoena to the Republicans ,who, without a doubt, will call up Joe and Hunter Biden, as well as Adam Schiff and the whistle blower themselves to testify under the threat of perjury.

As far as my personal opinion on the matter of the Presidents phone call, I would have to use a Football reference. It is said that at any time of a football game, The Referee can call a holding penalty on an Offensive Lineman. This is because, though it is technically illegal, it is done every single play and is a fundamental part of the game. Whether the call is made or not depends on 4 things

1) if the referee saw the penalty

2) if the referee thought the hold was obvious, or could be overlooked.

3) If the hold could affect the outcome of the game.

4) If the referee has a bias against one of the teams playing

At any time in our government , there are shady dealings going on. To think that ANY President is not without wrong or illegal dealings and scandals is absolute absurd! They are ALL guilty of this! The difference between Donald Trump and some past Presidents is the MSMs willingness to "look the other way" on behalf of "their guy." Regardless, I think that some of these shady dealings are actually necessary, and in many cases, absolutely needed to play ball with other countries. So in the end, understanding who will be called for these penalties will depend on the referees calling a fair and unbiased game, where they clearly don't have a favorite. I don't think we are completely getting that, and I think that many people are starting to realize that.

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