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Intent and the MSM

If you haven't heard of this story, the gist of it goes like this. Black man goes for a jog. He jogs through a neighborhood where two white men see him and suspect he may be responsible for a string of burglaries that has been going on in their neighborhood. One of the men has a long history working with the local law enforcement as an investigator and is retired, the other is his son, in his 30s. They both arm themselves and give chase in their truck. They catch up to the jogger and demand he stops. The man holding the shotgun gets off the truck and approaches the jogger. The jogger, now fearing for his life, makes a move for the gun, in the fight for the gun, shots are fired and the jogger dies. Initially, there were no arrests made, but after demands grew, the 2 men have been arrested and await trial. Of course the cries are that this was an act of racism since there can be no encounter involving white people and black people that is not racism.

Let's just skip to what's going to happen first, because they have video footage of this. The two men tried to get the other to stop because they thought he may have been a burglar. The one man got out of the truck with the weapon, the jogging man felt threatened and went for the gun, there was a tussle and the jogger was shot.

The man with the gun gets involuntary manslaughter (maybe) if the shooting is not considered an accident and depending on the media attention this story gets, serves a couple of months (maybe) and the story is over in the eyes and minds of those not personally affected. As per usual in this day and age, the courts of public opinion is strong but in most cases, decisions are made only to, and only as long as the media loses interest and the story is cycled out of the publication.

I'm aware that many MSM sites are writing this story making it seem as an obvious act of racism. How could it not be?! Two white men ( one of which has a shotgun) chase a black man down the streets of Georgia in a pickup. This is your typical Lynching story. It couldn't have sounded more racist unless the men were actually in KKK Garb! But was it an act of racism? I'm from the south and most people own pickup trucks and have guns. Were these two men just busybodies having little more to do because of retirement and C19 quarantines? Were they just people with a strong sense of community doing what they felt was their duty to protect their community from outsiders? I don't know and honestly, neither does the general public.

I don't know these people and I don't know if they're racists. Claiming they are would be an assumption I won't make and anyone making this assumption would be wrong for it as well. That sort of thing is better left for divisive and partisan MSM sites like CNN or Fox who feed on negativity as click-bait.

In another publication the story claimed there is video footage of one of the burglaries. Was the person in the video black? Was the pursuit of an unknown black man running their hood based on that footage? If the video would have been of a white man, would the 2 men have pursued an unknown white man running though their hood?

These are questions with answers the general public do not know. We are left to assume and since society has been conditioned to always assume the worst, we automatically assume racism without considering dozen of variables that we just don't and can't know through a 4 paragraph news article.

Some people would say that the two men had no right at all to chase down a suspected burglar, no matter the race or gender. These people have no real sense of community, if you ask me. The people who say this still believe that the police will get to a call instantaneously to possibly save their life. Personally, I believe a community has a right to defend/protect themselves. Even In my block, which is at the end of a dead end street, I am vigilant of the people who I do not know entering and leaving or passing through. I understand the urge to chase down a person suspected of possibly being a burglar. What I don't understand is the extent in which they took it to, getting out of their truck and approaching the man, weapons in hand. This is an intimidating site to begin with, add the feeling that one is being treated like a criminal before any questions are being asked in a state long known for it's racial injustices. I can understand the fear from not only the jogger, but the community as well.

This is such an unfortunate story during such a tough time but much like how things are getting, give people too much free time and weird shit begins to happen. In the end, a man is dead. Whether this act was racially motivated or not, I don't know, or could even possibly know unless it is revealed that the two men who did the chasing have a history as such. What I do know is that the majority of the people that have read this story have absolutely no idea, who the 3 men that are associated with this story are and also have no possible way of knowing what really led to this unfortunate occurrence and any publication who attempt to pass this off as an open/closed case of racism is doing so for the purpose of divide.

This is something that has been seen regularly this past decade. The divide. I find it amusing that just when society is starting to go through this existential revolution , this enlightenment and realization that we are more connected than previously thought, that we are more connected to the planet and the universe and that our world governments are purposelessly attempting to keep us divided and scared, we, so easily, concede to every attempt to keep us divided and scared. The conditioning is real, but just like any habit, it takes routine and repetition to break, but first, we must be aware that it is happening.

People are not bad to the core. We must believe this and treat each other as if this is true, first and always. We must rule out every other possible scenario, before we come to the conclusion, that a person is just rotten, because the reality is, that even though most people are good , some are undoubtedly not.

Don't be afraid.

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