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A Band of Boozers

I don't think the title of drinking buddy gets the credit it deserves. I understand it means something completely different when one is in their early 20's but after that, it's a pretty important thing to have. Regardless of what many may think, sitting at a bar listening to good tunes with someone you trust can be a life saver and bring some order back to this twisted and ever-changing reality we must endure. It's times like this I actually really miss my older brothers.

I am the 3rd of 4 with both of my older siblings being my brothers. Being raised to be "Alphas" brings with it many feuds and in reality, my brothers and I don't see eye to eye on many things but the one thing we understood was when one of us needed to throw down some brews, we were always there for each other. It was an unspoken bond that we had. The ability to sit, quietly and drink and somehow bring some relief to each other is an underrated quality. I miss that now that both of them live out of state.

It's weird that some of the best memories I have with my brothers was at some hole in the wall bar, or some other place, knocking back some beers. Whether we talked about life, shared memories, shooting some stick, or just sitting silently listening to good music, it was always enough to bring a bit of piece of mind and slow the world down a bit.....

Not to inflate their stupid, ugly heads too much. Just saying, they were good drinking buddies.

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