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Don't Fuck with My Amazon Prime, Shitbags!

Black Lives Matter supporter appears to call on Kenosha 'protesters' to target local Amazon Fulfillment Center

It’s Wednesday, August 26th. 6:52 pm and I am having a beer, listening to The Weeknd. I’ve really been enjoying this band lately. Love his talent form music and his flow. I know he’s been around for a while but he’s just now falling into my radar. For some reason, he takes me back to a different time when I was a different person. I’m drinking Miller High Life. I know. It’s not my drink of choice. I have a fridge full of it though since my Father in law was released from the hospital after battling C19. My mother in law wanted it out of the house before he got released so that he would not be tempted to drink, stunting his recovery. I tried to give it away but it was a nonstarter. So, I am now “enjoying” The Champagne of Beers” So that I can get it out of my fridge.

I know I haven’t posted much in a couple of months. Even though there has been, oh so much to talk about, I have been exploring different perceptions, thoughts, and theories about everything that has been going on around the country. Everything from the Pandemic, George Floyd, Ahmad Aubrey, The Portland Riots, The Seattle Riots, The Kenosha riots and shootings, The political and civil unrest, and so on. It has been a very trivial year to say the least and for someone like me who tries very hard to get a complete understanding of all things from many different perceptions, exploring many different variables, all while navigating my Work (which has not slowed down in the least), and family during this Pandemic and civil unrest in the Chicago area, I have been working myself into exhaustion.

I have actually purposefully refrained from commenting to an extent on certain issues. Mainly because there have been many open-ended arguments on many of them. Something that never seems to occur to many people is the fact they can not possibly get a full understanding of the situations that led to some of these occurrences. How can people form such concrete opinions from the most minute information available? How do people subscribe to such bias publications and not wonder whether it is their sources that are spreading fear, hate, bias, or political/social engineering agendas? I just do not understand this?!

Anyway. Earlier I ran across the story above and for some reason, this one struck a nerve. I know, it’s a very odd thing to have struck a nerve with so many serious things going on, but it did.

What I think hit me was the total ignorance behind a motive that would target a company of convenience like Amazon. Admittedly, I subscribe to Amazon Prime. I fucking love Amazon Prime! Though I try to contain myself from adding too many exclamation points after that last sentence to keep me from looking like a teenage girl excited about a first date, my love for the service deserves it.

I fucking hate shopping. This isn’t to say I don’t like stuff. I just don’t like shopping for this stuff. I hate going to any store looking for something only to, either not finding it, or find limited options. I’m a Gemini, and though I do not believe that Astrology can predict my day to day activity, I have found some coincidental truths when exploring personality strengths and weaknesses relating to astrological signs. Gemini’s are famously indecisive. So having a service that not only provides me with tons of different options for items I am looking for, it offers me the luxury of having it delivered straight to my home in a very timely manner.

I understand how people may feel about this. Some may criticize it for being a symbol of capitalistic waste and greed. Some people may classify me as a money-hungry troll who is just interested in stuff and is completely ignorant or tone-deaf to the real struggle of the “ Real American” Well, to those people, Go Fuck Yourself you fucking hating ass, victim mentality, thirsty little bitches.

Why is it that it always seems to be the younger generations who are leading these attacks on capitalism, either through looting or rioting? Can it be that they have been raised to be handed everything they want with a simple whine or tantrum that now that they are faced with the reality of the real world and actually having to rely on ones own effort to achieve success or worth, personal or financial, they are finding out that they have been denied the lesson that it is only through hard work that one can achieve their pursuit of “stuff”

People have often wondered or warned what a country filled with the children who were given trophies and rewards for participation instead of for success, would look like: Well, here it is.

I do not feel the least bit guilty for my indulgences. I worked my fucking ass off to get these luxuries, now at 40 years old. I was raised poor in a small Tx. town, then moved to a Middle-class Midwest city (where the median income is in the mid-30s) when I was an adolescent where I have spent most of my life. At 18 years of age, I entered into work-life late, compared to lots of my friends who started way earlier than I did, but since my first job at Cub Foods, pushing shopping carts, I have had many jobs, often working multiple jobs at the same time to provide for my growing family. After many years on the grind, often swallowing any pride I had to make sure I could provide for my family, I finally got into a position where I could afford luxuries for my family that I could not afford most of my life. Now, I am being told by little pimple having fucks, who some have not even begun to experience real-life, that these conveniences are a product of undeserved greed and wealth. Well, here’s a nice warm glass of GFY for y’all.

I am sick and tired of being lectured about life from college-aged little bitches who have not even begun to live it or those who decided to substitute hard work for the pursuit of easy money and have failed. Most of the time I see that this envy fueled tantrums is a product of fear. Fear of having to depend on oneself. Fear of not having any safety nets to land on if one is to fail, fear of finding out that they are not the center of the universe, that people really don’t give a fuck about their personal dreams, or opinions. The fear of realizing that in a world of billions, they are in no way important and no one really cares if they succeed or fail, and upon this realization, they resort to the only comfort that has worked for them throughout their childhood and adolescence, they throw tantrums and break shit and demand all their dreams and wants are handed to them.

Unfortunately, there are some fucktard politicians that love to use this vulnerability to their advantage and pursuits of power. However, free shit would never substitute for effort, work, and ability. Sooner or later, all these people are going to find out that they can never demand a good life and think people will care enough to give it to them. If they really want to be successful, one has got to abandon their “victim mentality”, stop being a little bitch, and put their nose on the grind. Put in your dues, take your falls, and roll with the punches. Then you will see that success is there for us all, no matter who you are and where you come from. You can one day afford Amazon Prime and only then you will how much of a gift it really is!

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