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Firm or Feeble

I think one of the reasons why the Citizens are having a tough time trusting our politicians is because they have shown no conviction of their beliefs.

Our founders had firm beliefs in a free Republic that was governed by the people. They believed in it so much that they sighed the Declaration of Independence, instantly making them traitors to the Crown which was punishable by death and always enforced.

I begin to wonder if our politicians have this much conviction in their beliefs, in the legislation they pass for us to follow.

I can not say for sure how I would react if an angry mob was at my doorsteps, but I have had guns pulled in my face, and I stood firm (probably a dumb idea). All I know is that I would have had some respect for any politician who would have stood with composure in the face of adversity and proclaimed confidently, that even though the mob may not agree with them, they will not cower from views they feel that are right.