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Is the Multiverse right next to us? Perspective

Why do we look for different universes and dimension elsewhere, when they are right here on earth. Right next to us.

When I was a teenager, my family used to live in a house along the Highway. This was before cities started putting up sound barrier walls, so one would be able to see the cars on the roads at all hours of the day. When I used to get depressed, which was almost always when I was a teenager I used to sit on the front steps and just stare at the cars passing by.

There were many different cars driving at many different speeds. Some were in a hurry, some , not so much. Some drove erratic and others very chill. Whenever I could, I'd look into the cars at the people. Some were families, other were by themselves and others were coupled. Some had their cars filled with boxes, some were filled with pets, and some were perfectly empty.

I'd give lots of thought to the lives that were passing me. I'd imagine where they were going and where they were coming from. I'd imagine what brought them to that point in time where we crossed paths. I'd imagine how the couples met, and how they came to be in the same car. I'd imagine some were on their way to profess their love to another, some were on their way to meet their new child, some were on their way to lay a loved one to rest...some to confront a cheating spouse? Some where on their way to start their new lives and others running from an old one.

I'd sit for hours and watch each car, each life drive by. I'd close my eyes and let the sounds of the travelers steady me.

This is one of my earliest memories of exploring the concept of alternative realities. Each car that passed by was filled with a different reality than mine. Each with different experiences, different pasts, different futures. Each learned differently than me, from different people, from different sources, different opinions; they drove by me with a different interpretation to the reality they live in. Different universes, different realities all happening simultaneously. I couldn't ever possibly know their reality nor they mine and even though, at that time I'd eventually go back inside the house and continue burying myself in my problems, years later I'd understand what perspective really means to me.

It became the thought that just because I'm living my experience, doesn't mean it's the experience someone else is living, so try for a minute to consider the reality of someone else before forming an opinion of them.

You know? It was around the time R.E.M. came out with the video to "Everybody Hurts". This could have had something to do with it. 🤔

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