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Irony or Hypocrisy


I love how people like to talk about others as being naive for not agreeing with them on sensetive issues. For example, not believing that racial discrimination is at it's all time high. . Who's being naive here believing that discrimination of any kind, be it color, economic status, gender or sexual preference or any other kind magically appeared one day or will ever magically dissappear? Especially when people do nothing else in their lifes but focus on each other differences instead of their similarities or teach their children to distrust others or to purposely separate themselves from the rest of humanity because of misled fear and distrust.

Some would look at an "assult" on the "Urban Fashions" as a complete and blatant attempt to keep the expressions of a select community down or an attempt to label those who follow this trend as a "bad character".

Let's be real though, The hip hop or Urban fashions and lifestyle is only another craze in a long line of styles that has been chastised by either those in power, the majority or traditionalists. Presenting oneself in the image he wants to be treated in is not a black or white or brown thing and it is definatly not a new thing. "Long hair hippie people, need not apply" a line from the song " Signs" by Tesla is a clear example of this, refering to the outcasted hippie movements of the 1960s.

Reality is that everybody will judge on appearances. How many people are quick to judge other when they act or look different than what the majority expects them to act or look like? Well dressed black man with proper grammar a sell-out? Is a white man dressing and acting in the urban fashons a poser?

What? That doesn't happen? Now, you know damn well it does and know damn well those who do are usually the ones that scream and shout about not being judged by their apperances!

My point is that most people that shout about not being judged by their looks, that they should be judged by their actions. Those who rant and rave about the evils of generalizations, are the first to judge others by their looks not their action. They are the first to generalize. It so dissapoints me when I read these posts from people on both sides of this specific issue. They ask for tolerance but give none. They ask not to be judge and generalized but in the same statement judge and generalize others . They ask for equality but are the first to admit they stay away from certain people.

The only way to rid ourselves from these discrimination is to rid it from ourselves first and never teach it to our children. No matter how hard it becomes, never lose sight that the real fight to change the world is really in changing the way we think.