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Welcome to!

I'm an independent writer. who was born and raised in a small city in Southwest Texas in 1980. I now now live in a Midwest suburb of Chicago on the Indiana/Illinois border, an Area known as "The Region"

I'm inspired by the writings of Edgar Allan Poe and the way he was able to draw an audience into his world with what seemed to be little effort.

This page and my website is not a place for ideologues.

Been there, done that, evolved.

I love to write and will post original Essays, Stories and Poetry, but mostly I share things that interest or entertains me. There will always be people though who feel the need to comfort their insecurities and respond to things I write and post as if I am directly challenging their beliefs. I understand it's their defense mechanisms working and I understand their beliefs may still be fragile. I will never try to push an idea on anybody. This page and this site is solely a place for me to filter out the clutter in my brain, so please don't take anything I write as a personal challenge to your beliefs. If you want to discuss a topic, do it respectfully with me or whoever is on the thread. If you feel you can't do this, just keep scrolling. My reality does not have to be yours, but If I see or get complaints of someone holding on too hard to their ideology, they will be removed.

My mind is a clutter and constantly moving. I have dedicated lots of my time to the study of Psychology, Poetry, Art, Science, Religion, Philosophy, Politics, History, Government, Sociology, Human Nature and so on. I usually post a lot and have a lot of opinions but I make it a practice to not hold onto beliefs; I am a state of constant growth so I will sometimes contradict myself and change ideas after receiving better perceptions.

I have been following the teachings of Buddha for a couple years now, so I practice not responding aggressively or being deliberately condescending, though I sometimes fail at the attempt. This page operates the way my brain does; scattered, erratic, emotional and sometimes random but for some reason, people around the world seems to be entertained by it.

All are welcomed on my page and site, but do us all a favor and don't follow our pages if you are easily offended. I care very little about your offense. All things worth discussing in this world requires one to be a little offensive. If you can't handle this, we are not the place for you. I like to post on many subjects and I have many opinions, some are sure to provoke disagreement ,but mostly, I just like to keep entertained. Almost every topic I post about, including politics, government and religion, are entertaining to me. I like to dissect ideologies, opinions, and people . I ask many questions, some of which you may dislike, but all this helps me to gain a better perspective of the people I share this planet with and reality itself.

Let me answer these questions right away.

YES- I curse on this a lot., so don't be surprised if you're scrolling through your News Feed and run across a couple of F-Bombs.

YES- There are 6 voices that are running around in my Brayn, They each cover different aspects of my interests and personalities. I try not to let the 7th voice take the wheel too often. It's not a good part of me.

YES- Depending on which voice is driving at the time, you may get a different response than you expect. I try desperately to keep them from changing control while I am in the middle of a conversation but sometimes certain things trigger a change.

NO- There is no set page theme for Brayn Noise. Is there a set theme to your thoughts or do they just float randomly through your mind? I have 7 voices, each with different interests and personalities. What is posted on this page depends on which one has the wheel at the moment. This is not a GD political page though Voice 4 and 5 find Politics interesting and comment often on the state of the government. You may see a political post followed by an art post followed by a spiritual post. You'll get used to it. I think my long time followers have, at least.

NO- I do not claim one political party or the other. They are different players in the same game attempting to reach the same goal, so don't attempt to paint me as a partisan stooge because I just so happen to be posting something positively about someone you hate or negatively about someone you love at the moment. Wait a few and see my criticism and praises change. I do this a lot. I do not represent any party but if I had to be labeled, I am a Moderate at best.

NO- I do not give a shit which party or any other ideology you represent. We are not, as a person, who we represent! I believe that the biggest problem in the world today is that people identify who they are as a person by their ideology. This leaves very little room to be different, and it makes it very difficult to explore different perspectives, so I not only do not care about which ideology you choose to represent who you are, I implore you to not restrict yourself to the ideals of any group.

YES- I do have ideas on things. There are many things I think strongly about. This doesn't mean I am not open to learn more or discuss any topics. Just because we do not agree with each other does not mean we can not have a conversation. I never go into a conversation with the pursuit to change your mind. In the end, we are 2 different people with 2 different upbringing and it is almost impossible for 2 people to have the exact the same thoughts and opinions on anything, and that is not only okay, it is imperative for the evolution of our species and incredibly exciting and worth meeting and speaking with new friends.

NO- I am not debating with you. I am discussing a topic. I never go into a conversation attempting to change your mind. I will only present my ideas as best as I can with the knowledge of the topic I have and I will listen to your ideas as well. We can have a conversation and part ways without grudges. Even if at the end of the conversation, we may still disagree with each other, we may, at the very least,gain a bit of perspective, and ultimately, that is my goal.

YES- Even though I am a fighter for free speech, there are things I do not allow on my page. Blatant Hate, falsehoods and antagonistic speak are a few things I dislike and I feel lower the vibrations of all who read. I have only had to ban 2 people from my page since its birth 4 years ago.

YES- I post original articles, stories and poetry, and they are all excellent! I love to write and not only about serious topics. My website is full of original short stories and poetry. I recommend you all give a view. I think you'll like the site very much.

NO- I never try to purposely offend anyone but if you do get offended, it's your business. You are responsible for your feelings, not me. If you can not handle yourself, what do you expect me to do about it?

YES- I try to always stay positive. Keep the vibrations high. I encourage meditation.It has helped me tremendously and I know it can help you as well.

NO- I will never attempt to push my ideas onto you, this is not the purpose of this page. This page is a place for me to get the noise that is floating around in my head, out, so that it does not drive me crazy. It does not mean I expect anybody to listen, follow, respond or even care about what they read on this page. This is not a personal attack on your beliefs so either grow a thicker shell or move TF on.

Glad we got that out of the way. Enjoy...or don't, whatever floats your boat.

We all have what I call Brayn Noise

Those little thoughts & fantasies that float around our head.

These are mine

Don't be afraid.

That ringing you hear in your ears

is just a bit of ...