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Insurrection Reflections

I'm sick and tired of Americans being told to comply and follow the rules when the people we have chosen to either represent us in the government or protect us in the streets refuse to. The Government has made a mockery of our system by operating outside of the laws they pass for us to follow. they have perverted our Constituion and only serve as our representatives for self-serving purposes, making themselves, as well as those who helped their rise to power, rich while the rest of us eat cake.

I have always maintained that when "The People" have had enough, it is up the them to "take it to the man", and whether I agree with their grievances or not, I support their uprisings, even if it's short-lived. I , for one, believe it is a healthy practice to keep these politicians worried, even scared. maybe if they walk on eggshells, they'll think a bit harder before screwing over their constituents.