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I want to share a thought.

As usual, I have spent the entire year observing people via social networking and real life networking. I am a people watcher and with my profession, it's very easy to interact with all sorts of people throughout my year. I have unfortunately witness a countless amount of people who find misery in their existence. Some are justifiable but most are not. I am willing to accept that there are things beyond my knowledge that make people sad like the passing of family members and such but even with that, I do not understand why some of the people I have witnessed are so depressed. As I said, I have a rare opportunity, because of my occupation, to interact with all types of people. Working in the city of Chicago and it's many, many burrows, is quite unique. I get to see many classes of people, many races, many traditions and customs but also, Unfortunately, I have also had the chance to see what real struggle and strife look like. I've seen real destitute and real desperation. I have seen hopelessness in the eyes of children and hate in the eyes of adult. I have seen people living in houses that look unfit to house animals and some without houses to live in at all. I have seen so many with nothing to live for, standing like statues for hours, with absolutely no purpose. It is very hard for me to not love the life I have. Yes, I have many things that bring me down, loss, finances, stress. Yet, I have a very hard time being depressed or generally unhappy. I have a home, I can provide my family with clothe, a bed, food. I have a great job which I really enjoy, I do lots of volunteer work and I have many people I love and love me back. I am truly fortunate for the life I have. I worked hard for it and continue to do so. Even though I have wants, I know I have everything I need and understand that there are many who don't. In short, Count you blessings because they are not blessings that everyone has. Remember to separate your wants from you needs and haves from don't haves. Happiness can not be bought so don't wait until ______ to be happy. BE HAPPY NOW! There is little excuse to not be. Health, Wealth and Happiness to all my voice

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