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Too bad, So sad.

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has them and they all stink. I used to be one of those people who would not bat an eye to get into a serious debate. I was one that needed to make you understand my truth. This usually led to some bad fights and losing friends. Most of my friends are able to carry a conversation and even debate serious subjects like Politics and Religion, disagree, and carry on but some can not. In recent years I have really stepped away from being loyal to an ideology. I still have my ideas and still debate them but I don't do so from a position of needing one to accept them. I can now leave people to their views after a conversation.

Sometimes I tiptoe around certain people, with who I don't share opinions with, because I respect our friendship more than the ideals we disagree on. I don't mind it realy, we usually have many other things we do share interests in.

However, it's the sharing of ideas, the disagreements and the debates that builds the strongest ties between my friends and I, so eventually, I engage in debate with people I would like to have better friendship with, especially with people who I see are just as passionate and outspoken about their ideas.

This is why it makes me sad when I lose good friends over a difference of opinions, especially opinions dealing with politics and religion. I would always rather have been engaged and debated with, rather than just have been cast aside.

There are many things that I have disliked about the Trump Presidency, but the biggest one is how leftists have now made themselves feel as if anybody who doesn't agree with them are their enemy. They are not!

Aside from all our different ideas of how to live our lives, We all share a common interest and that is the betterment of our Country and Society and we can not reach these goals with blind obedience to any ideology or by expecting our ideas to go unchallenged.





But at the end of this, we must still be one.

Sounds like a family, doesn't it? This is what I expect from my friends as well, and the ones who have been close to me for decades understand this and expect the same, and though it makes me sad to lose a good friend after I shared with them my views, on a subject they shared on a public forum, it makes me sadder that our bond did not grow tighter with friendly debate, rather die in silent descent.

Don't be afraid.... That ringing you hear in your ears is just a bit of ...


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